What’s My Problem? | Drinking Game

For the right type of crowd at the right part of the night, What’s My Problem? could quickly become a new favorite game. It’s en engaging and sometimes revealing game designed for close-knit groups that can handle a bit of ribbing and brutal but loving honesty. It requires participants to be open-minded and thick-skinned, as it involves identifying and guessing a personal habit or trait that could be a “problem” for one of your guests.

It’s a parlor game in all the best ways.

How to Play What’s My Problem?

Selecting the Guesser: The group chooses one person to temporarily leave the room.

Choosing the ‘Problem’: In the guesser’s absence, the remaining group members agree on a specific habit or trait of the guesser that is considered their ‘biggest problem.’ This should be done humorously and respectfully.

The Guessing Game: The guesser returns and begins to ask the group, “Is my biggest problem…?” trying to identify what the group chose.

Drinking for Incorrect Guesses: Each time the guesser’s question is wrong, they take a drink.

Revealing the Answer: The game continues until the guesser correctly identifies the ‘problem’ or opts to give up. If they give up, the answer is revealed to them.

Game Spirit

  • The aim is to foster intimacy and open conversations in a light-hearted manner.
  • It’s crucial to approach the game with sensitivity and avoid overly personal or potentially hurtful topics.
  • The ‘problems’ should be things that the guesser is likely aware of and comfortable joking about.
  • The game serves as a fun way to encourage self-awareness and group bonding.


How do you ensure the game remains friendly and doesn’t offend anyone?

Set clear boundaries before starting and choose ‘problems’ that are humorous and not deeply personal or sensitive.

What happens if someone feels uncomfortable?

Anyone should feel free to opt out or stop the game if it becomes uncomfortable. The group’s comfort is paramount.

Can the game be played without alcohol?

Absolutely. Replace drinks with fun, light-hearted penalties or simply play for the fun of guessing.

How many people can play?

The game is best suited for small to medium groups (4-10 players) where everyone knows each other well.

Is there a limit to how long someone can guess?

There’s no strict time limit, but it’s generally best to keep the game moving to maintain engagement.

Drink Responsibly

As with any drinking game, be sure you drink responsibly. Know your limits and regularly check in with the people around you. Never drink and drive.

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