11 Things to Bring to Friendsgiving that People Will Love You For

Whether you’re stuck working the weekend or just can’t travel back home, that’s no excuse to miss out on a Thanksgiving celebration! An increasingly popular trend for people who can’t make it home for the holiday is ‘Friendsgiving’. Think Thanksgiving without all the political tension between generations. You get to eat all the foods you love, with people you actually like.

Here’s how it works. Someone has to volunteer to host. Most likely, the person with the biggest place/kitchen. That makes them in charge of the turkey. Because, seriously, who’s going to travel with an entire cooked turkey? With turkey, comes gravy. After that, if the host is sane and doesn’t want to cry through Thanksgiving, they’ll organize a potluck. Every wayward friend who can’t make it to their family Thanksgiving is invited. Which means a wide variety of side dishes and desserts to choose from.

Of course, no holiday is complete without a good drink. Another perk to Friendsgiving, your friends are well aware of (and encourage) how much you can drink. No one will ask if you’re sure you need another beer or glass of wine (looking at you, Mom). Have everyone bring their personal favorite beer, wine, or spirit and you’ll wind up with an epic selection for the night.

Not sure what to bring? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got suggestions for what to bring to Friendsgiving that people will love you for.


According to USA Today, Millennials (loosely defined as those of us currently in our twenties and thirties) drink more wine than any other generation. The people have spoken, and they want more wine.

If you’re not sure what to bring to Friendsgiving, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. And here’s why. Thanksgiving is full of a wide variety of flavors. With multiple chefs in the kitchen, you’re sure to wind up with a wide flavor palate. You’ll need enough wines to keep up. So you can be sure, no one will complain about an extra bottle of wine. Here’s a few suggestions:

If you’re looking for a good all-purpose wine to take you from turkey to pie, than this Riesling is the one for you. It’s a 93 point wine (Wine & Spirits), which is a great start. It’s also got a sharp acidity that cuts through fatty sides like potatoes and gravy. At the same time it’s beautifully balanced with a fruitiness that compliments cranberry sauce and stuffing. Plus, you can get this bottle delivered to your door for less than $25. A great Thanksgiving wine at an even better price. I know what I’m thankful for this year.

Flying solo? Menage a Trois Pinot Noir is the perfect date. It’s a fruit-forward wine that isn’t afraid to make the first move. Just try not to get jealous when everyone wants a glass. Pinot Noir is a pretty popular wine choice, and Menage a Trois doesn’t disappoint. It’s soft, smooth, and full-bodied. We recommend a glass with homemade cranberry sauce and turkey.

Chardonnay is another classic Thanksgiving wine choice. The key to choosing the right Chardonnay for Thanksgiving is picking one that isn’t particularly oaky. Kendall Jackson’s Grand Reserve perfectly layers tropical fruits flavors with lemon, lime, and floral notes. With just a hint of vanilla and spice, this Chardonnay would even work with desserts like pecan pie or pumpkin cheesecake.

Not sure who’s coming or what they like to drink? Bring a blend. Apothic’s Red Blend is a crowd-pleaser. So decadent it’s downright sinful, it’s a unique mixture of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It starts strong with a bold blend of ripe rhubarb, cola and black cherry, and finishes with subtle hints of vanilla and other spices. The perfect bottle for a group of friends looking to indulge in some holiday cheer… and wine.

This white blend is open and approachable. It’s easy to enjoy with intense flavors of peach, pineapple, and honey. It finishes with a hint of vanilla spice. A delicious combination of Moscato, Riesling, and Chardonnay, this blend hits all the right notes.That’s more than most of us can say once the annual Friendsgiving Karaoke contest kicks off. Trust us, everyone will love an Apothic Blend.


If you’re not into wine, or just don’t want to risk doubling up on bottles, try a six-pack instead. Anyone who doesn’t drink wine is sure to love you, and it’ll offer some much needed variety to the drink table.

Although they have their time and place, mass-produced bargain beer doesn’t belong at the Thanksgiving table. We suggest choosing a delicious craft beer with real appeal. You can even mix it up with a unique flavor beer, like Sriracha.

If you’re looking for mass appeal, it’s hard to beat an IPA. Especially an incredibly drinkable IPA like Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. It was even ranked number one of the Best Beers in America (American Homebrewers Association and Zymurgy Magazine). This is definitely a brew you could enjoy with any Thanksgiving food, but it works particularly well with rich sides like potatoes and gravy. If they’ve had it before, they’ll be glad to see this brew on the table. If not, they’ll thank you for introducing them. Either way, an excellent choice for Friendsgiving.

Golden Road’s Get Up Offa That Brown

Brewed in LA, this brown ale has a toasty complexity. It’s rich caramel and chocolate notes will help highlight the sweet and salty blend that is Thanksigiving. Although probably best with pecan or pumpkin pie, we don’t see any reason not to enjoy a dessert beer all dinner long. It’s Thanksgiving after all, and we’re thankful for chocolate, caramel and beer. Friends will be glad you stepped outside the traditional Fall flavors and got a brew with something unique to offer. Cheers!

Spicy Sriracha sauce has quickly become a condiment staple. No reason Thanksgiving should be any different. If you’ve got friends that think Sriracha is good enough to drink, then this beer is a Friendsgiving must have. Although you probably won’t want to crack open a bottle with pie, this spicy beer is sure to give your turkey, greens, or potatoes just the kick they need.


Every group has that friend who brings the liquor. Let that friend be you. Whether you want to sip, shoot, or mix up a cocktail, we’ve got a Friendsgiving alcohol for you.

This 94 proof small batch Bourbon is exactly what your Friendsgiving needs. It’s got a signature spice and subtle smokey flavor that makes it an ideal companion for turkey. It’s got a long, sweet, and slightly toasty finish that will take you all the way to dessert. Whether you sip it on the rocks, or toast with shots, this a bourbon that will bring you together again and again.

Slow & Low Rock and Rye is amazing because it’s basically a pre-made Old Fashioned. No mixing required. Drink it on the rocks, in a glass, or straight from the bottle. It’s made with 100% raw, local honey from Pennsylvania and air dried navel oranges from Florida. Which creates a refreshingly natural flavor you’ll love. An agreeable Rye Whiskey your friends are sure to love as much as you. A toast to Slow & Low!

Bring a Batch


Our final Friendsgiving recommendation requires a little more work. But, you friends are worth it, right? No berry says Thanksgiving like Cranberry, so we suggest a festive cranberry cocktail.

But, who wants to spend all night mixing drinks? Not us! We suggest whipping up a big batch of cocktails in advance. Think a grown-up, holiday themed version of Jungle juice. Just grab a bottle of Tito’s VodkaGrand Marnier Orange Liqueur and a recipe for Cranberry-Vodka Punch. This Fall flavored punch is the perfect pre-game drink for appetizers. Make Friendsgiving the ultimate throwback Thursday with finger foods and fruit punch. You know you want to.

Friendsgiving Drinks Delivered

Now that you’ve decided what to bring to Friendsgiving, sit back, relax, and have it delivered. Let us bring the drinks, you’ve got enough on your plate.

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