Thanksgiving Food and Beer Pairings

Tired of trying to decide what kind of wine to buy for Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t. Seriously. Wine is fickle, temperamental, and difficult to pair with. Just like your spinster Aunt Judy. And we don’t want either at our Thanksgiving.

Of course, you’ll still need something alcoholic to get you through Thanksgiving dinner. We suggest beer. Now, we know you might be saying, ‘but, Thanksgiving is a celebration’. Sure, nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly or wine, but we have a solution for that. Try a Farmhouse Ale. It comes in a corked bottle big enough to share, without the burden of choosing the perfect wine pairing. We recommend Saison Dupont. It’s full bodied and malty like a beer, but sparkles on the palate like Champagne. The best of both worlds. Plus, this Farmhouse Ale is packed with subtle citrus and spice. Saison Dupont is the perfect dinner companion.

Hopefully you’re satisfied that there’s a celebratory substitute for wine. Now let’s talk about the benefits of beer. They come in individual servings. Just grab a bottle and go. No glasses to wash, corkscrew to locate, or worrying about tannins. Plus, craft beer is cool. Bring beer and you score points with anyone under 40 at Thanksgiving. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about dodging Aunt Edna after that fourth glass of Red.

Now that you’ve decided to come over to the beer side, we’ve got some suggestions. From turkey to pie and everything between, we’ve found the perfect beer to enjoy with your Thanksgiving dinner.



It’s Thanksgiving and everyone’s talking turkey. Every beer wants to be with the star of the show. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a big night for turkey, and they’re going to need a pretty fly date. We’ve narrowed it down to two very different beers.

Rogue Sriracha Beer

If you’ve ever thought that Sriracha was so good you could drink it, then this beer is for you. The bold flavors of Rogue Sriracha Beer are eager to wash down a bland cut of Grandma’s overcooked turkey. This might not be a beer you’ll enjoy with all your Thanksgiving food, but it’s definitely a match for turkey.

Saison Dupont

Saison Dupont is a pleasingly pale straw-color beer with a dense, creamy head. The subtle citrus, spice, and malt perfectly accentuate a juicy cut of turkey, without overwhelming it. This is a beer that could take you from turkey to pie by itself. With 94 points from the Beverage Testing Institute, it’s also sure to be a crowd-pleaser.



For a savory dish like stuffing, we recommend a Dubbel. Dubbels are dark, strong, Belgian beers. The distinctive flavors of Belgian brewing sugars and Belgian yeast make Affligem Dubbel great for savory sides. The sweetness in it isn’t too much. It’ll highlight the flavor in dishes like sweet potatoes, without overwhelming them. It would also provide an excellent counterpoint for tart cranberries or spicy stuffing.

Cranberry Sauce


Although turkey is the star, Thanksgiving is pretty much the only time of year Cranberry sauce finds its way onto my plate. Whether it’s from a can or made from scratch, cranberry sauce is a T-Day classic. For the tart kick of a cranberry, we suggest a bready, malt-heavy beer like Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. Opposites attract, and these two were meant to meet.

Sweet Potatoes


To marshmallow, or not to marshmallow, that is the question. Either way, we’ve got a great beer to go with those sweet potatoes. A Doppelbock like The Devastator hits your nose with nutty chocolate and molasses. It’s packed with brown sugar, molasses, cocoa, and pecan flavors that were meant to be paired with sweet potatoes. Whether it’s a classic mash or decadent dish with marshmallows and coconut, the Devastator has your back.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy


If you’re looking for mass appeal, it’s hard to beat an IPA. Especially an incredibly drinkable IPA like Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. This brew was ranked number one in the 15th Annual Best Beers in America from the American Homebrewers Association and Zymurgy Magazine. This is definitely a brew you could enjoy with any Thanksgiving food, but it works particularly well with potatoes and gravy.



Red ales are great for green vegetables. Whether your family enjoys collard greens, a fresh salad, or green bean casserole with their Thanksgiving dinner, try Stone Pataskala. It’s dry hops will enhance the earthy flavor of the greens, while the citrus notes send your taste buds into overdrive.


Pecan Pie

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for all day. Dessert. For Thanksgiving food classic Pecan Pie, we suggest Golden Road’s Get Up Offa That Brown. Brewed in LA, this brown ale has a toasty complexity. It’s rich caramel and chocolate notes will help highlight the sweet and salty blend of pecan pie.

Pumpkin Pie


You may think a pumpkin beer should go with pumpkin pie. That’s pretty boring. Plus, too much of the same flavor palate. Better to choose complimenting flavors. Find another dessert flavor beer that will work with the already bold flavors of pumpkin pie. We suggest Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout. This full figured chocolate stout will smooth out the spices in pumpkin pie and refresh your palate for the next bite.

Thanksgiving Beer Delivered

Overwhelmed with all the choices? Exhausted at the thought of fighting crowds at the store? Don’t do it. Sit back, re-tie those sweats, and shop online. You can get all of these beers and more delivered directly to your door in as little as 30 minutes. This Thanksgiving, let us bring the drinks. You’ve got enough on your plate.

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