5 Coffee Cocktails We Can’t Get Enough Of

Anyone else suffer from Fall fatigue? The days get shorter, the sun sets sooner, and suddenly you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of your favorite show embarrassingly early. It’s alright, we’ve all been there. But this year, we’re fighting our Fall fatigue in the most delicious way possible. With coffee cocktails, of course!

The perfect pick-me-up, we’ve assembled a list of our five favorite coffee cocktails. Whether you’re into vodka, cognac or something in between we’ve got a killer coffee cocktail you’re sure to love!

1. Espresso Martini (Vodka)

Original Recipe Courtesy of KAHLÚA

The bold, dark and delicious cousin to the classic Martini, an Espresso Martini is exactly what you need to make it through any late night event. An ounce of espresso for energy, an ounce of Kahlúa for courage, and an ounce of vodka because well, it’s a Martini.

To craft the perfect Espresso Martini, try this recipe courtesy of Kahlúa. Save yourself some time and order your favorite vodka and a bottle of Kahlúa now and we’ll see you in 30!

2. Cloud 9 Coffee (Whiskey)


After a single sip, you’ll totally understand why it’s called Cloud 9, because this coffee cocktail is nothing short of heavenly. Coffee combined with Irish Whiskey, Hazelnut Liqueur and chocolate syrup make this one of our favorite coffee cocktails by far. This cocktail tastes like an alcoholic, Nutella flavored coffee. If you’re wondering, it’s as good as it sounds.  

Don’t just take our word for it, get the recipe here and we’ll bring you everything you need to get mixing in minutes!

3. Iced Paradise (Rum)


Welcome to the Island of Energy! Iced coffee, spiced rum and butterscotch Schnapps make this drink a buttery-smooth Iced Paradise in a glass. Seriously smooth and delicious, rum, butterscotch and coffee are match made in heaven.

Feeling tempted to transport yourself to a tropical paradise? Find the recipe here, courtesy of Death Wish Coffee and let us do the rest! You’ll be ready to mix up your drink in minutes.

Coffee Negroni (Gin)


If ‘drinking all night’ typically means falling asleep at 8pm on your couch with a glass of wine in your hand, we’ve got an energetic alternative for you. Coffee Negroni! The combination of classic Negroni flavors with espresso works really well, and it’ll keep you buzzed in the best way possible.

Get the recipe here and Negroni ingredients delivered to your door!

5. Black Jack (Cognac)

Original Recipe From Death Wish Coffee

Everything’s better with a cherry on top, and coffee cocktails are no exception. Made with a base of cold coffee combined with cognac and cherry liqueur, you’ll be dreaming about this drink for days.

Since Cognac is basically concentrated wine, it’s the perfect companion for cherry liqueur. Combine them with coffee, and you’ve got a caffeine-infused cherry bomb, ready to detonate in drinkable form. Sign us up!

You can find the recipe here, courtesy of Death Wish Coffee. We’ve got you covered on the cognac and cherry liqueur!

Coffee Cocktails = Perfect Pick-Me-Up

There’s no shame in needing a little pick me up, and a coffee cocktail is the perfect solution for any energy crisis. You make the coffee, we’ll bring the alcohol.

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