5 Reasons You Should Be Tailgating From Your Couch

You’re standing in the crisp Fall air, surrounded by friends and fans of your favorite team. You take a deep breath and are greeted with the sweet smell of grills being lit. You take a sip of your adult beverage, which has a wonderful warming effect on your chilly cheeks. As you take in the tailgate around you, decked out in your finest jersey and jeans, you think; life doesn’t get much better than this!

Then the inevitable happens. It’s time to break the seal. You look for the nearest restroom only to discover it’s port-a-potty or bust. Unfortunately after seeing how long the line is, you think the latter may be your only option. Once you make it through the line and free yourself from the smelly, moist confines of the port-a-potty, you’re ready to shake it off and toast to your team.

As you make your way back to your friends, you’re suddenly mowed down by a group of intoxicated, overweight and middle-aged men tossing a football, apparently playing shirts vs. skins despite the chill in the air. You wipe the stranger’s sweat from your face as you collect yourself from the ground. You hear a hurried shout of “sorry” as the sweaty men make their way towards the opposing team’s camp.

You can see your friends now, and you make your way through the dense crowd feeling relieved. But when you get there you realize one of the couples you came with are having an incredibly emotional argument. You roll your eyes and decide to steer clear, better get a drink instead. You head to the cooler and it slowly dawns on your why the couple was arguing. The cooler is empty.

Your friends, who somehow drank an incredible amount of alcohol in the time it took you to venture to the bathroom, are now ready to leave. “But, aren’t we going to watch the game?” you sputter indignantly. They shrug and grab their phones to order an Uber. As you sulkily wait for your ride, you find yourself wishing you had never left the house at all.

Sound familiar? This football season, Saucey has the solution to all your tailgate troubles! Sit back, grab a beer and check out these 5 reasons you should be tailgating from your couch.

1.Bring the Party to You


One of the biggest perks of throwing a tailgate party at home is that you bring the party to you. No loading up the grill, tongs, charcoal, cooler, chairs, drinks, etc. You’ll save a ton of time, energy and money by having your friends come to your place and getting food and drinks delivered to your door.

2.Real Restrooms


There aren’t enough bottles of wine in the world to make squatting in a port-a-potty worthwhile. When you tailgate from the comfort of your couch, you can pee in peace, and there’s never a line.

3.Total Control of the Guest List


When you throw a tailgate from your couch, you get total control over who’s invited. No squeezing through crowds of strangers and hoping your friends saved you a drink.

4.You actually get to watch the game


Tailgating from the comfort of your couch ensures that you’ll actually get to watch the game. No more missing out when you call (and pour) the shots. Watching the game on the big-screen ensures that everyone has a seat with a view. Plus, you can tailgate during the game instead of before, so you actually get to see the action.

5.Never run out of alcohol


The best part of tailgating from your couch? You’re never in danger of running out of alcohol! With Saucey, you can get all your alcohol and mixing needs delivered to your door in minutes. Whether your prepping for game day or discover you didn’t get enough, we’ve got you covered with $10 off your first order. Just enter the code “READINGROOM” during checkout!

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