5 Ways to Survive Family Christmas

Because no one wants to spend the holidays sober.

If we learned anything at all from Clark Griswold, it’s that no matter how hard you might love the hell out of Christmas and aim to make it out to be a picturesque and glowy Thomas Kinkade painting, dealing with in-laws, distant cousins, catty comments from your aunt, and forced conversation with your sister’s most recent significant other can make the holidays quite exhausting.

So if you’re staring down the barrel of a long Christmas weekend and the idea of doing it all while being completely sober is just a little too much to bear, Saucey once again is here for you. Keep your phone handy and the app open, you never know when you’re going to need a little reinforcement when up against the relatives.

Especially when the first conversation starts with “So, who’d you vote for?”


Breakfast of Champions Mimosa Combo


If you need to get things started early before everyone starts showing up to open presents, nothing goes down smoother than Prosecco and fresh OJ. Saucey can deliver both, ready to chug, in under an hour and you don’t have to share with anyone you don’t want to.

Bulleit 10 Year


The perfect whiskey to cleanse away conversations about relatives your age who are more successful than you. Bulleit 10 Year aged whiskey carries an array of Christmas spice flavors like orange-apple, peppery spice, vanilla and clove, so you don’t have to be a complete Grinch while drinking the edge off.

Port Brewing Company’s Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout


We all know of Santa’s affinity for milk and cookies, but let’s be real, there had to be a little something stronger going on from time to time in order to put up with micromanaging that many elves. This dark cocoa and lightly coffee laced Imperial Stout will be your best friend during your second helping of dessert, and no one can argue with you about immigration if your mouth is full!

Coppola Director’s Cut Zinfandel


Not only is Coppola’s Zinfandel a well balanced and easy drinking red wine to perfectly pair with Christmas lunch and dinner, it’s one of Saucey’s $1 wines! Order up your first bottle of happy juice and revel in the fact that the second only set you back one whole dollar, it easier to swallow your spiteful drinking efforts when you’re not emptying out a wallet in order to do so.

Ludlows Meyer Lemon Drop Jelly Shots


Just in case your Christmas buzz has to be accomplished on the DL, and maybe your cousins need in on the action too, Ludlows premade and ready to shoot meyer lemon drop jelly shots are the perfect stocking stuffer to pass around. Ludlows uses 5x distilled triple filtered vodka, all natural meyer lemon juice, and rosemary to create the perfect shootable libation.


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