5 Saucey Wines to Pair with Your Favorite Take-Out

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No thanks, we’re staying in tonight.

If you’ve ever had those Friday nights where you “just can’t” and like literally “couldn’t even” if they paid you, we feel you. Being an adult is demanding stuff. Sometimes Friday night rolls around and there is nothing more appealing than your couch, possibly one other person you like well enough, no forced social interaction at a bar top… and glorious alcohol delivery.

For those especially lazy nights where you can’t be bothered to lift a finger for sustenance and entertainment, luckily we have all of the slob enabling technology right at our fingertips. Right after you order a spread of munchies and before you sift through HBO Now trying to decide what’s on the binge list tonight, open up Saucey and grab a perfect pairing for that sodium ladled feast that is headed your way.

In under an hour you’re about to be the happiest hermit on this side of town.

Margherita Pizza + Buscado Garnacha


This lighter red wine varietal will pair perfectly with the clean and crisp flavors of a Margherita pizza, Garnacha is more subtle than some of it’s more pushy and boisterous family members. If you’re opting for a sausage and pepperoni pie, the spicy italian meats would much rather cozy up to an aromatic and malty brew like Birra Moretti, the Bohemian Pilsner from Italy.


Thai Noodles + Pacific Rim Riesling


When you’re craving the fresh peppers and hot noodles of thai food, a slightly sweet white wine makes or the perfect pairing to balance with the hot “green” type of spice. Rieslings are not inherently sweet though, this offering from Pacific Rim has warm jasmine notes which will lend itself perfectly to the Thai flavor profile. Don’t take any guff for ordering a Riesling, they’re a misunderstood varietal as you’re about to learn.


Chinese Fried Rice + Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay


The soy overload that we love in our fried rice can make alcohol pairings a nightmare, but a good unoaked Chardonnay does wonders when saddled up next to a salty plate of rice, meat, and vegetables. The lemony and slightly earthy flavors of Chateau Ste. Michelle will round out the rice dish and compliment the fried pork dumplings as well, cleansing the palate of fat and residual sodium with each sip.


Fried Chicken + Ruffino Prosecco


While the fruit forward and slightly sweet flavors of Ruffino Prosecco are actually quite complimentary to seasoned and fatty fried chicken, we like this pairing mostly for the irony of the combination. What isn’t appealing about the idea of having a fried chicken leg in one hand and a sparkling dainty glass of bubbles in the other? But in all seriousness, the high acidity of Prosecco will literally explode the flavor of fried chicken, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been doing this all along.


Burgers + Rivarose Brut Rose


While keeping with the theme of pairing bougie bubbly libations with normal every day comfort food, burgers and rose are two unexpected pals. Rosé stands up to the big flavors (do you really need a fried egg AND guacamole?…yes, of course you do) and the bubbles as always act as the perfect cleansing agent allowing for each bite to be as satisfying as the first. Pinky out, bitches.


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