6 Amazing Tea and Cocktail Pairings

Black Tea and Rum

Try it with: Sailor Jerry Aged Blended Rum | 750 ml 

Product of the Virgin Islands. Oak blend with vanilla and cinnamon notes. 92 Proof

Green Tea and Whiskey

Try it with: Woodford Reserve Small Batch Bourbon | 750 ml 

Kentucky Whiskey. Rich vanilla flavor with layers of oak and spice. 90.4 Proof

Mint Tea and Bourbon

Try it with: Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey | 750 ml 

Kentucky Whiskey. Aged with cinnamon, toast and spice notes. 80 Proof

Chamomile Tea and Gin

Try it with: Hendrick’s Scottish Gin | 750 ml 

Scottish Gin. Distilled and infused with cucumber and rose. 88 Proof

Chai Tea and Liqueur

Try it with: Godiva Chocolate Liqueur | 750 ml 

Aromas of milk chocolate; sweet on the palate; fine and elegantly flavored; a liqueur in in the spirit of Belgium chocolate style.

Earl Grey Tea and Bourbon

Try it with: High West American Prairie Blended Bourbon Whiskey | 750 ml

Made in Utah. Blend of 6 and 10 year old bourbons. 92 Proof

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