How long does your wine last after opening?

So, how long does wine actually last after the bottle has been opened?

If you’re one of those people who leaves a bottle unfinished, this one’s for you.

The first step is to remember to recork the wine and put it in the fridge. That way, you’re limiting any exposure to oxygen, heat and the light. All of those things can damage the quality and taste of the wine.

Sparkling wine however, will go flat right away but it is still drinkable. You might also run into the risk of an unstable natural wine, which could go bad in a single day. Ouch.

If the color transitioned from vibrant to brown-tinged, weep and say your goodbyes. It’s a sign of oxidation, similar to the taste of bruised apples. If it tastes vinegary and very sour, note that it has also oxidized. The rule of thumb really is if it looks good, and tastes good, you’re on the safe side.

So what’s the trick in extending the life of the wine? Thank you to the wine gods who created VacuVin Winesaver. This tool is a pump with a bottle stopper that sucks the air out of the bottle, because no one likes to waste wine.

Otherwise, plan on using these general guidelines to keep your wine fresh.

Sparkling Wine | 1-3 Days
In a fridge with a sparkling wine stopper

Light White and Rose Wine | 5-7 Days
In the fridge with a cork

Full-Bodied White Wine | 3-5 Days
In the fridge with a cork

Red Wine | 3-5 Days
In a cool, dark place with a cork

Fortified Wine | 28 Days
In a cool, dark place with a cork

Bag-In-A-Box Wine | 28 Days
In the fridge

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