9 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Under $20

The stats are in, and according to the National Retail Federation this year consumers are slated to spend almost $20 billion on Valentine’s Day. That’s an average of around $140 per person, in case you’re wondering how your plans stack up.

Over half the country intend to celebrate Valentine’s day, and a third of those who aren’t still plan to buy a gift for a friend, family member, or even themselves. We’re here to help you do it in style, and without spending a small fortune. With a variety Valentine’s Day Gifts under $20, you’ll be able to wine and dine your Valentine for well under the national average.

If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for romance, wine, and binging chocolate. If you’re single, it’s time to treat yourself, have a cocktail, and binge some Netflix. Either way, you deserve a drink! Saucey’s got you covered with great Valentine’s Day gifts under $20 and fee-free delivery. Last minute shopper? Avoid the crowds, traffic and checkout lines filled with wilted roses and off-brand chocolates. We can be there in 30 minutes.

Bird Dog Chocolate Whiskey

Eating lots of chocolate is a definite perk of Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to end there.

You know how you could squeeze Hershey’s syrup into milk and turn it into chocolate milk as a kid? Imagine if you could do that with whiskey. Drooling yet?

Bird Dog Chocolate Whiskey is definitely a unique blend. There’s no denying it’s bourbon bite, but it’s tamed by the velvety chocolate, infused with vanilla and caramel. It’s smooth flavors will be a welcome surprise for any whiskey or chocolate lover.

A bottle of Bird Dog is the perfect gift if you want to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme without being too on the nose. Or if you forgot what kind of wine they like. Maybe you just really want to know if chocolate flavored bourbon is good. Trust us, it is.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolate is good and whiskey is too. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

Temptation Zinfandel

If you’re one of the lucky few whose Valentine’s Day is sure to be full of passion and romance, then this is the wine for you. Give in to Temptation Zinfandel. This wine will seduce you with it’s aromas and tantalize you with it’s flavors. It’s juicy, fruity, and perfect for pairing. Sounds like just the right recipe for a romantic date night.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says, “Meet me at my place, bring wine.”. Surprise them with a candlelit dinner, delicious dessert, and of course, a corkscrew. Pop open a bottle of Temptation and see where the night takes you.

Menage A Trois Midnight

They’ve heard about it, their friends have tried it, it might even be on their bucket list. If ‘sense of humor’ is on your love list this Valentine’s Day, we suggest sending them a (bottle of) Menage A Trois.

If you’re looking for a Menage (and we don’t mean Nicki), we recommend Menage A Trois Midnight. Its voluptuous blackberry and plush spiced plum flavors seduce your palate, while hints of mocha and exotic spice linger like a stolen kiss.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “You and Me + this bottle makes three. Let’s do this, Valentine.”

Sofia Blanc de Blancs

Planning a true Valentine’s style celebration? Then you’ll want to pop the cork on a bottle of sparkling wine. A fruity and refreshing blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat and Riesling, Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a popular offering from Francis Coppola Winery. It’s a light and elegant wine with a feminine flair, the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. By the way, you can skip the gift wrap. Each bottle comes wrapped in Peony inspired pink cellophane.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “This wine might sparkle, but it’s nothing compared to your smile. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Cote Des Roses

Flowers make an excellent romantic gesture on a first date. They’re also a great gift when you want to spontaneously say I love you. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, let’s stick with what really matters; a great bottle of wine or champagne. After all, you can’t drink flowers.

We suggest putting a twist on an old classic by upgrading that bouquet to a bottle of Cote Des Roses Rosé. It comes in a rose shaped bottle, it’s pink, and it’s got ‘Roses’ in the title. You’ve got all your Valentine’s Day bases covered. Other perks; it tastes delicious, costs half as much as a dozen roses, and it’s sure to get you points for creativity, romance, and thoughtfulness.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “Just like fine wine, our love only gets better with time. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection: Syrah-Shiraz

Too early to get her a Diamond? Never. At least not with Francis Coppola Diamond Collection. Although she (hopefully) won’t wear it, this bottle shines bright like a diamond. Finger’s crossed she’ll appreciate the play on words, and if not, it’s still a really good bottle of wine. Sounds like a wine/wine situation to us!

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection has plenty of wines to choose from, but we suggest their Syrah-Shiraz. The soft tannins, along with blackberry and boysenberry flavors, layered with notes of smoke, sweet vanilla and bittersweet chocolate are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pair it with a box of homemade chocolate covered strawberries and your Netflix password for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration on a budget.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when they come with wine. Be my Valentine?”

Chocovine Chocolate Red Wine

This one is a no-brainer. Chocolate plus Wine basically equals Valentine’s day. Combine the two and cut out the middleman with a bottle of Chocovine Chocolate Red Wine. It’s a French Cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark chocolate from Holland. The result is a decadent, silky smooth wine. You’ll be wondering why you waited until Valentine’s Day to try it.

Although chocolate flavored wine has definite romance potential, Chocovine would also make a great Galentine’s Day gift. Let your Gal-pals know they’re not alone… there’s always wine and chocolate.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “Chocolate+Wine=Love. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Stoli Chocolate Razberi

Want to walk away from wine for a minute? It’s cool, we wanted to take a break too. Let’s talk about Stoli Chocolate Razberi Vodka. It comes in a fancy frosted glass bottle, with a drool-inducing picture of a raspberry dripping with chocolate. The luscious raspberry and cocoa flavors are sure to leave you lusting for more. This vodka has serious second date potential. Hopefully you do too.

Tease your senses with a shot of this sweet temptation after dinner, paired with a decadent dessert. The perfect way to end, or maybe start, an evening.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “Happy Vodka-tines Day!”

Nukin’ Futz Beer

This peanut-butter cup flavored beer is proof that opposites attract. Creamy and robust, this ale certainly earns its name. If you’re looking for something a little different this Valentine’s day, or if your partner just isn’t into wine, this is an excellent alternative. It’s comes in a bottle big enough to share, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Chocolaty, smooth, packed with creamy peanut butter and topped off with a  7.3% ABV, this is the perfect beer to show your Valentine you’re sweet on them.

We suggest sending this Valentine’s Day gift under $20 with a note that says “It’s Nukin’ Futz how much I love you, Valentine!”.


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