We like to have fun here at Saucey, and we like to deliver unforgettable experiences to what we call “the family,” which is all of the Saucey customers. Back for Memorial day we sent bartenders along with Saucey orders, and the other week we partnered with our friends at MeUndies (the world’s most comfortable underwear) to bring sleepover packs to LA. It gave us the opportunity to not just deliver drinks, but bring a once in a lifetime fun experience to people’s homes. Sleepover packs included comfy underwear, a t-shirt or tank-top, sunglasses (because you’re always cool), vodka, wine or whiskey, and hangover recovery vitamins. There was definitely a sense that it would be cool, especially when the sleepover packs were being delivered by MeUndies underwear models, but I don’t think we anticipated just how incredible the response was.

People in over 5 countries wrote in saying how much they loved this experience for customers. Everyone from local news, to major publications, the LA Times and FOX Business covered the story. Customers in the Saucey Family all across the city had sleepover packs delivered their way by extremely good looking men & women. At the end of the day, getting Saucey is more than just having drinks delivered, it’s about an experience, it’s about making it easier, safer and more fun that going to the liquor store.

We continue to work hard and dream up wild experiences for you guys, including some awesome announcements right around the corner 😉 Thank you for being part of the Saucey family.


The Saucey Team

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    Lmao! Please! I can get beer and wine delivery. Well I’m inventing an app for that!

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