There’s never really been an easy way to make cocktails at home. Part of the fun of going out is trying all sorts of new and interesting drinks. Well now, with Saucey, you can order cocktails straight to your house. We send all the ingredients along with the recipe on how to make it. Simply unpack your cocktail ingredients, and start mixing & shaking.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Instead of having wine tonight, try our Classic Negroni, made from Campari/Gin/Vermouth.
  2. Impress the pants off your date with The Dirty Thirty, a new twist on a classic martini.
  3. Put some hair on your chest with The Scottish Robin Hood, a Rob Roy with Dewar’s.
  4. Make your parents proud with our Mimosa Sunday package.

We’ve got cocktails for all life’s occasions. Become an expert mixologist, try new things at home, send cocktail packages as gifts to friends and colleagues. Over the next while we’ll constantly be adding new drinks, working with top mixologists, bars & famous restaurants to add recipe’s from the city around you.


The Saucey Team

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