Saucey Crosses the Bay Bridge Bringing its on-Demand Service to Oakland

December 13, 2017, Oakland, CA – Saucey, the leading alcohol delivery company in California, today announced its expansion into Oakland, where it will now offer 30-minute on-demand delivery.

Saucey's expands into Oakland in December of 2017

Saucey’s expands into Oakland in December of 2017

As part of the expansion, Saucey will bring its on-demand delivery offering across the Bay Bridge and into the city of Oakland, including Piedmont, Emeryville and West Alameda. Building on its success in other Northern California cities, including San Francisco and Sacramento, this expansion will make it easy for thirsty patrons in Oakland to have beer, wine, and spirits delivered in minutes.


“Oakland, with its large and growing population, booming startup and business culture, and commuter population, has always been one of our top targets,” said Chris Vaughn, Co-Founder and CEO of Saucey. “Saucey’s popularity in San Francisco and Sacramento makes us confident that the Bay Area is a natural home for our delivery model and we are thrilled to work with local businesses to provide the people of Oakland with our best-in-class alcohol delivery service.”


Saucey’s expansion comes at a time where Americans are increasingly choosing to drink at home, and California, being the largest alcoholic beverage market in the United States, is showing rapid signs of a consumer that has shifted their buying behavior online.


Saucey has developed the first logistics and delivery platform built specifically for the alcohol industry, utilizing its network of more than 3,000 couriers to enable fast, safe, and reliable delivery. By working with the best retailers in each market, and using the platform to in many cases double a store’s sales, Saucey can operate entire cities from partnering with just a few of the top retailers, making the best selection available at the push of a button.


“The alcohol industry has been artificially shielded from e-commerce compared to other industries due to shipping restrictions. Consequently, retailers have not adapted to the buying behaviors of today’s customer, and there hasn’t been a logistics system in place specifically to unlock e-commerce for the alcohol industry,” said Vaughn, Co-Founder and CEO of Saucey. “Saucey is that system. We partner with the best retailers to offer a mobile-first, personalized shopping experience and use our delivery infrastructure to handle/scale the massive volume pouring in from customers. Compare this to others in the “alcohol delivery” landscape who allow any retailer to list their inventory online, similar to GrubHub in the food world, but then don’t handle fulfillment or delivery. If you’re a major retailer (Walmart, TotalWine, BevMo!), you don’t need someone to help list your inventory online, you already have it online, you need a solution for delivery and logistics tied into a better shopping experience.”


As a welcome to new users in Oakland, Saucey is offering an introductory discount. Simply enter the code HEYOAKLAND to receive 20% off on your first order.


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