All Of The Best Alcohol Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the drinker in your life

Is Christmas steadily approaching? An anniversary with the wife? A birthday party for your cousin? 

Well, if they like to drink, then you’re in luck. Why?

When you’re giving alcohol, it’s pretty hard to mess it up because you have endless options on gift choices. With alcoholic drinks offering so many amazing options, from wine to gin to rum, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect drink for your family member. 

But sometimes that’s actually the problem. There are so many options to choose from. It can be daunting, especially when you need the gift ASAP. You don’t want to have a second-hand hangover headache from stressing so much. 

So, here is a list compiled of some of the best alcohol gifts to give the drinker in your family!

Best gifts for wine and champagne lovers

Luc Belaire Rosè

This gift choice is great for the more experienced drinker and also the occasional drinker. If they live in rose-tinted glasses, then this rosé will be a perfect choice.

The bottle itself is charming with its sleek and black exterior. Handing this over to your loved one will surely make their eyes light up. 

What’s inside the bottle is even better. Packed with strawberry and blackcurrant flavors, Luc Belair Rosé will have the lucky recipient’s tastebuds bathed in sweetness.

Laurent Perrier Rosè

Another Rosé that is sure to appease anyone is Laurent Perrier Rosé. It’s flavored with red berry and blood orange to give it a spicy finish. 

This champagne is great for those who want a kick to their drink but don’t the traditional spicy bloody mary. A rosé that can wake up your taste buds and still taste amazing? Yes, please.

Whispering Angel Rosè

The beautiful shade of pink of this wine will leave your loved one starry-eyed. They’ll be almost speechless and will only be able to whisper how much they appreciate you for providing them with such beauty. 

Whispering Angel Rosé is jammed with fruity flavors. It’s the perfect wine for any time of day, but if you want the receiver of this gift to really see this eye-catching beverage, you’ll want to give it to them when it’s bright out.

Best gifts for gin lovers

Hendrick’s Scottish Gin

Hendrick’s is a solid choice for gin. They might be enjoying a classic gin and juice or just sipping on a gin and tonic. Either way, Hendrick’s is sure to excite their palate. This gin is sure to refresh anyone drinking it. 

Distilled with cucumbers and rose, this is perfect for the gin lover who wants a fresh, floral taste.

Old Raj Gin

Talia Baiocchi from the New York Times believes gin is a great gift to give because “you can use it without a lot of effort, and you’re not assuming people have a home bar.” And she’s right! 

Especially when it comes to Old Raj Gin

Even the simplest of cocktails will feel luxurious. This exquisite beverage from Scotland is balanced with botanicals like juniper and coriander. It also has notes of saffron, which give off a beautiful golden color.

This is best for the Gin lover, who doesn’t need a lot of embellishments for their drink and enjoys spirits with a hint of opulence.

Best gifts for whiskey enthusiasts

Charby R5 Whiskey

If you need to give a gift to a whiskey lover who nerds out over bears, then this is perfect. Charbay R5 whiskey uses beer from Bear Republic Brewing Company. It’s the most readily available and the most affordable from the company. Your whiskey enthusiast will love the fragrant and flavorful profile of this whiskey. It’s also great to pair with an IPA!

Elijah Craig 12

This small-batch whiskey is sure to get your whiskey enthusiast excited. Elijah Craig allows each batch to marinate inside oak barrels for over a decade before processing and bottling it. This gives an insane one-of-a-kind type of feeling to the gift.  

If you want to make your family member feel extra special, like they hold a V.I.P spot in your heart, this whiskey will be your best choice.

Best gifts for global booze drinkers

Clase Azul

This tequila from Mexico is sure to appease the drinker who loves to try booze from other countries. Why? Because this isn’t just any old tequila. Clase Azul is ultra-premium and made of 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agave.

With smells of Mexican vanilla, almonds, and apples, they’ll be drawn into their glass before even tasting it.

This sweet, smooth, bold flavor is so unique; your loved-one will be wondering if you actually went to Mexico to get it!

Don Papa Rum

Rum from the tropical island of the Negros? Has the best cane sugar on the globe? Aged in charred oak barrels in Mount Kanlaon

Yes. Yes. And yes. 

By giving your family member Don Papa rum, you’re allowing them to enjoy a rich, pungent, and sweet taste, making them feel like they’re on the island of Negros themselves. So if you see them look confused after they take a sip, they just forgot that they weren’t in the Philippines for a second.

Best gifts for beer drinkers

Stone Brewing IPA

Beer isn’t always the most luxurious gift. But for the beer drinker in your family, Stone Brewing IPAs will make them forget about luxury. When they taste the delicious citrus flavor of this IPA, they might think you handed them a citrus-flavored candy instead.

Great to pair with buffalo wings during a Friday night celebration.

What alcohol should you get for someone who likes everything?

So, let’s say you’ve seen your family member drink almost everything from Don Julio to Bogle to Johnnie Walker

You don’t want to ask them what their drink of choice is because then you’ll risk ruining the surprise. Of course, you could always wait until they’re tipsy to ask. 

But if you don’t want to run the risk, don’t sweat it. Here is a list of safe drink choices that most people are guaranteed to love.

  • Baileys Irish Cream— the classic boozy creamer for your morning cup of Joe. If you’re certain they drink coffee, this is even better.
  • Tanqueray London Dry Gin— a gin that is double distilled with juniper, angelica root, licorice, and coriander. This is a flavorful choice that is the notable partner to the famous gin and juice.
  • Don Julio Blanco— Tequila that is double distilled for a smooth taste and balanced taste. With an aroma of citrus and a light flavoring of black pepper, this Tequila is great for a light, dry taste. 
  • Hennessy— the “brown liquor” of choice for many people. With the intense notes of oak, almonds, and grapes, can you blame them? Enjoy it with a mixer or on the rocks.
  • White Claws— light, crisp, refreshing, fruity. What’s not to love?

Give the gift of alcohol with Saucey!

Finding a drink that will satisfy the drinker in your family doesn’t have to be difficult. There is such a wide variety of alcoholic beverages out there to suit just about anyone.  

Your wine-loving mom will enjoy that Whispering Angel Rosé you got her for Mother’s Day. She won’t be able to stop whispering to her friends about how thoughtful of a gift it was. 

Did you get your brother Bailey’s Irish Cream? He can start his lazy Sundays with a relaxing cup of coffee.

Picturing your aunt calling you to thank you for sending her off to Mexico for the weekend without even putting her on a flight? Clase Azul can make that a reality. Celebrate the spirit, wine, or beer lover in your family with even more drinks!

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