Backwoods Cigars Flavor Guide

Backwoods cigars, renowned for their distinctive look and natural composition, have carved a niche in the world of tobacco products. These cigars are recognized for their rugged, unpolished appearance and the use of 100% natural tobacco, both in the filler and the wrapper. This commitment to natural tobacco without additives or paper contributes to their unique appeal. Backwoods caters to aficionados who appreciate the pure tobacco experience and those who utilize them for other purposes due to their easy-to-unfurl nature.

Backwoods Original

The staple of the Backwoods line, the Original cigars offer an authentic, straightforward tobacco experience. They’re the go-to choice for purists seeking the unadulterated taste of tobacco.

Backwoods Honey

Honey Backwoods bring a sweet twist to the tobacco flavor, combining the robustness of tobacco with the subtle sweetness of honey. Ideal for smokers who enjoy a hint of natural sweetness.

Backwoods Honey Berry

This flavor combines the sweetness of honey with the fruity taste of berries, creating a uniquely sweet and slightly tart smoking experience.

Backwoods Grape

Another flavor that faced discontinuation in certain markets, Grape Backwoods combined the rich taste of tobacco with the sweet, fruity essence of grapes.

Backwoods Wild Rum

Incorporates the lively and spirited flavors of rum, adding a bold and adventurous twist to the tobacco experience.

Backwoods Dark Stout

A bold choice, Dark Stout blends the rich taste of tobacco with the deep, complex flavors of stout beer. Perfect for those who appreciate a strong, flavorful smoke.

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic

Focused on providing a smooth, sweet smoking experience. The Sweet Aromatic Backwoods blend traditional tobacco with hints of aromatic sweetness reminiscent of honey bourbon.

Backwoods Black Russian

A unique blend, Black Russian cigars mix tobacco with the rich, dark flavors of coffee and vodka. Ideal for those looking for an exotic, complex smoking experience.

Backwoods Vanilla

Vanilla Backwoods, while popular, have been discontinued in some markets. They offered a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor mixed with tobacco for a sweet, aromatic experience. 

Backwoods Banana

A rare and distinct flavor, infusing the tropical and sweet notes of banana into the tobacco, offering a unique twist to the traditional cigar. Unfortunately, this flavor has been banned in many markets.


Why are Backwoods more expensive?

Backwoods cigars are priced higher due to their all-natural composition. They contain no additives and no paper, consisting entirely of 100% tobacco. This natural composition and the quality of the tobacco contribute to their higher cost.

Are Backwoods flavors discontinued?

In some markets, certain sweeter flavors of Backwoods have been discontinued, such as vanilla or grape. These decisions are often based on regulatory changes or market preferences.

Why do smokers like Backwoods?

Smokers appreciate Backwoods cigars for their 100% tobacco composition, offering a pure, robust tobacco experience. Plus, they’re thought to be easier to unfurl than other cigars, which is a sought-after feature for smokers who repurpose them for cannabis.

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Backwoods cigars stand out for their natural tobacco quality and rustic appeal. They cater to a wide range of preferences with their variety of flavors, from classic to exotic. 

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Backwoods cigars contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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