Every Misty Cigarette Type: A Guide

Misty, established in 1990, carved a unique niche in the cigarette market as a value-oriented alternative to the more expensive slim cigarette brands. As a slim cigarette, Misty offered a more affordable option without compromising on quality, distinguishing itself from other brands that emphasized elegance and sophistication at a higher cost. This approach made Misty a popular choice for smokers who preferred slim cigarettes but were also conscious of price.

Exploring the Misty Cigarette Types

Misty Blue

Overview: A balanced and smooth experience.
Details: Misty Blue offers a smooth, satisfying taste, ideal for smokers who prefer a lighter, more balanced flavor in a slim cigarette.
Cigarettes similar to Misty Blue: Comparable to Virginia Slims Blue.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Misty Menthol Green

Overview: Refreshing menthol in a slim form.
Details: Misty Menthol Green combines the sleekness of a slim cigarette with a crisp menthol flavor, offering a refreshing and invigorating smoking experience.
Cigarettes similar to Misty Menthol Green: Similar to Capri Menthol.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Misty Menthol Silver

Overview: Light menthol with a subtle touch.
Details: For those who prefer a gentler menthol taste, Misty Menthol Silver delivers a lighter menthol flavor in a slim cigarette, providing a mild and refreshing experience.
Cigarettes similar to Misty Menthol Silver: Comparable to Virginia Slims Menthol Light.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Misty Lights

Overview: A lighter, smoother option.
Details: Misty Lights are designed for smokers who seek a milder smoking experience. These slim cigarettes offer a light, smooth taste while maintaining the Misty quality.
Cigarettes similar to Misty Lights: Similar to Capri Lights.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.


Are Misty cigarettes skinny?
Yes, Misty cigarettes are slim, akin to brands like Capri or Virginia Slims.

What separates Misty cigarettes from other slim brands?
Misty distinguished itself as a value-priced slim cigarette brand, offering an affordable alternative to other slim brands that focused on elegance and sophistication, often accompanied by higher prices.

Are Misty Cigarettes still made?
Yes, Misty cigarettes continue to be produced.

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Remember, smoking is harmful to your health. The best choice for long-term well-being is to avoid smoking. Misty cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical.

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