Every Virginia Slims Cigarette Type: A Guide

Virginia Slims, a brand synonymous with elegance and sophistication, has been a distinctive player in the cigarette industry. Known for its slender cigarettes and a marketing approach targeting women, Virginia Slims has established itself with a variety of unique blends and sizes. This guide will explore each type, offering insights into their individual characteristics.

An Overview of Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims Gold 100s

Overview: Classic Virginia Slims experience with a refined taste.

Details: Gold 100s deliver a traditional, unadulterated tobacco flavor, designed for purists who enjoy a straightforward, rich smoking experience without additional flavoring.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Menthol Silver 100s

Overview: Lighter menthol flavor in a slim, elegant form.

Details: These cigarettes blend the Virginia Slims tobacco with a milder menthol taste, offering a subtle and refreshing smoking experience, ideal for those who prefer a less intense menthol sensation.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Silver 120s

Overview: Elegant, extra-long cigarettes with a subtle flavor.

Details: These cigarettes are for those who enjoy a longer smoking experience. The 120s length provides a sophisticated and leisurely smoke with a light tobacco taste.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Menthol 100s

Overview: A refreshing and cool menthol flavor in a slim profile.

Details: These cigarettes offer a crisp menthol taste coupled with a smooth draw, perfect for those who appreciate a minty freshness in their smoke. The 100s size indicates a longer cigarette, allowing for an extended smoking experience.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Red 100s

Overview: Full-flavored, robust smoking experience.

Details: Aimed at smokers who prefer a stronger taste, Red 100s deliver a bold tobacco flavor, offering a rich and fulfilling smoke.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Blue 100s

Overview: Smooth and mellow tobacco blend.

Details: Catering to those who prefer a gentler smoking experience, Blue 100s offer a smooth, easy draw with a delicate flavor profile.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Virginia Slims Purple Superslims

Overview: Unique blend with a hint of exotic flavors.

Details: The Purple variety stands out with its distinctive blend, offering a unique taste for those seeking a different smoking experience from the traditional tobacco flavors.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack.

Cigarettes Similar to Virginia Slims

If you’re a Virginia Slims enthusiast looking for similar brands, here are a few options that share their key attributes.


Capri cigarettes are often compared to Virginia Slims due to their slim, elegant design and lighter smoke. Just like Virginia Slims, Capri is marketed primarily towards women. The similarity in their marketing approach and the demographic they cater to makes Capri a close counterpart.


Misty offers a range of slim cigarettes that mirror the Virginia Slims style. They are known for their smooth flavor and are often considered a less expensive alternative to Virginia Slims. Their packaging and design also cater to a feminine aesthetic.


While More cigarettes are slightly thicker than the ultra-slim Virginia Slims, they offer a similar experience in terms of flavor and strength. The brand is known for its distinctively rich taste, much like Virginia Slims, making it a favorite among those who prefer a fuller smoke.


Whether you prefer a strong, robust flavor or a light, refreshing smoke, Virginia Slims has something to offer. The brand remains as elegant as ever and is a high-quality choice for whatever experience you prefer.

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Virginia Slims cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. Remember that smoking is detrimental to your health, and the healthiest choice is to not smoke at all.

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    I enjoy Virginia Slims, Blue, and Silver. I look forward to trying the Red, and Purple.
    Please if there are any coupons I would love to receive them. Every penny counts, and I know Virginia Slims are the BEST.

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