Capri Cigarette Pack Colors, Explained

Renowned for their slender elegance and premium quality, Capri cigarettes have risen in popularity among the more sophisticated smokers. Catering primarily to women, these cigarettes deliver luxury in every drag through their design, packaging, and overall smoking experience.

Exploring Capri Cigarettes

Capri Indigo

Overview: Bold and rich, offering a deeper flavor profile.

Details: Suited for smokers who seek a robust taste combined with Capri’s signature elegance.

Cigarettes like Capri Indigo: Resembles Misty Blue in terms of its rich flavor and balanced intensity.

Price Range: $18 – $20 per pack

Capri Jade

Overview: A refreshing menthol experience with a smooth finish.

Details: Ideal for those who enjoy a crisp, mentholated taste without overpowering intensity.

Cigarettes like Capri Jade: Comparable to Virginia Slims Menthol, offering a similar balance of menthol and smoothness.

Price Range: $18 – $20 per pack

Capri Magenta

Overview: A balanced blend of smoothness and flavor.

Details: A perfect middle ground for those who want a harmonious blend of taste and subtlety.

Cigarettes like Capri Magenta: Similar to Virginia Slims Gold, providing a comparable level of balanced flavor and smoothness.

Price Range: $18 – $20 per pack

Capri Violet

Overview: Ultra-light with a delicate touch.

Details: Known as the lightest in the Capri range, ideal for those who prefer an ultra-light smoking experience.

Cigarettes like Capri Violet: Parallels Virginia Slims Silver, offering a similarly light and delicate smoking experience.

Price Range: $18 – $20 per pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Capri Cigarettes Apart?

Capri cigarettes stand out due to their slender design, being significantly slimmer than typical cigarettes (17mm vs. 25mm). They are particularly marketed to women, offering a unique aesthetic and smoking experience.

Which Capri Cigarette is the Lightest?

All Capri variants are either lights or ultra-lights. The Violet pack, marketed as ultra-light filter and super slim, is generally considered the lightest.

Why are Capri Cigarettes Priced Higher?

Capri cigarettes are positioned as a premium brand, similar to Virginia Slims. They boast high-quality tobacco and packaging, designed to offer a sense of luxury and sophistication. Their specific marketing towards women also helps them stand out among more generalized brands.

Understanding Capri Colors

Each color in the Capri range symbolizes a distinct smoking experience, from the invigorating Jade menthol to the gentle Violet ultra-lights, guiding smokers to their preferred blend and intensity.

Capri 120s vs. Regular Variants

The Capri 120s, at 120mm in length, are marketed as the “luxury length,” providing a more indulgent smoking experience compared to the standard sizes.

Get Capri Cigarettes Delivered with Saucey

Now that you’re well-versed in all the different products Capri has to offer, head on over to Saucey to get a pack delivered right to your door in as little as 30 minutes.

Capri cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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