Capri vs. Virginia Slims | Cigarette Brand Comparison

Capri and Virginia Slims represent two distinct paths in the slim cigarette market, each with its unique appeal and history. Capri, known for its “super slim” size and modern flair, offers a sophisticated smoking experience. Virginia Slims, a symbol of women’s liberation and empowerment since the late 1960s, aligns itself with elegance and style. This guide aims to explore the intricacies and distinguishing features of Capri and Virginia Slims, providing insight into their brand histories, product ranges, and target demographics.

Brand History and Image

Both Virginia Slims and Capri have been on the market for decades, launching as a stylish, slimmer cigarette for young female audiences.

  • Capri:
    • Launched as the first-ever “super slim” cigarette in 1987, Capri was designed to appeal to young women seeking a stylish and slender smoking option. Its advertisements often tie slimness to fashion and desirability, reflecting the trends in women’s fashion magazines.
    • The brand has consistently focused on a slim and elegant aesthetic, targeting a fashion-conscious female audience.
  • Virginia Slims:
    • Virginia Slims, introduced in 1968, has been a forerunner in marketing cigarettes specifically to women. Its history is interwoven with themes of feminism and women’s liberation, often embodied in its famous slogan, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.”
    • The brand has emphasized independence, slimness, attractiveness, and style, positioning itself as a fashionable choice for women.

Product Range

Both Capri and Virginia Slims offer a range of products catering to their brand philosophies, with Capri focusing on super slim cigarettes and Virginia Slims providing a variety of slim options.

  • Capri:
    • Features a range of super slim cigarettes, including options like Capri Indigo and Capri Jade. Each variant is designed to provide a luxurious smoking experience with different flavor profiles.
    • Known for its ultra-light and delicate touch, appealing to those who prefer a lighter smoking experience.
  • Virginia Slims:
    • Offers a diverse selection of slim cigarettes, including Virginia Slims Lights and Virginia Slims Luxury Lights 120’s. The brand caters to a range of tastes and preferences within the slim cigarette segment.
    • Virginia Slims has expanded its product line over the years, introducing various styles and lengths to suit different smoker preferences, including 120’s and Ultra Lights.

Target Demographics

Capri and Virginia Slims, while both targeting women smokers, appeal to slightly different demographics within this market.

  • Capri:
    • Attracts a demographic that values both style and sophistication in their cigarette choice. Its ultra-slim design and fashionable branding appeal to younger, style-conscious women.
  • Virginia Slims:
    • Targets a broader range of female smokers, offering a variety of slim cigarette options. Its long-standing brand history and association with women’s empowerment attract a loyal customer base.

Pricing and Affordability

Capri and Virginia Slims are positioned differently in terms of pricing, with each reflecting its brand image and market positioning.

  • Capri:
    • Often priced as a premium brand, Capri’s super slim cigarettes are marketed towards consumers looking for a luxurious smoking experience.
  • Virginia Slims:
    • Virginia Slims’ pricing strategy has evolved over the years, with the introduction of various styles and lengths. The brand maintains a balance between premium positioning and accessibility.


Choosing between Capri and Virginia Slims often comes down to personal preference for cigarette size, brand image, and historical association. Capri offers a modern, ultra-slim option for those seeking a sophisticated smoking experience, while Virginia Slims provides a variety of slim cigarettes with a rich history of female empowerment and style.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. To ensure the best for your long-term health, it’s advisable to avoid nicotine altogether.

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