Kool Cigarette Types: A Guide

Kool cigarettes have carved a niche in the menthol smoker community with their refreshing taste and harder-hitting draws. Originally one of the few menthol brands in the U.S., Kool’s popularity soared before facing competition from other menthol brands, such as Newport.

Also, does anyone else think it’s a little wild that a cigarette brand is literally named “cool” with a K? Don’t think that would be allowed today, but hey, what do I know.

Let’s breakdown the options from Kool.

Exploring Kool Cigarette Types

Kool Blue

Overview: A sweeter, milder menthol flavor in a classic or extended length.

Details: Perfect for those who prefer a gentler menthol taste with a hint of sweetness.

Cigarettes like Kool Blue: Comparable to Marlboro NXT, offering a similar balance of sweetness and menthol.

Price Range: $13 – $16 per pack

Kool Green

Overview: Strong, intense menthol flavor with a robust tobacco blend.

Experience: Ideal for smokers seeking a more powerful menthol sensation and a stronger buzz.

Cigarettes like Kool Green: Resembles Newport Menthol for its intense menthol kick and robust flavor.

Price Range: $13 – $16 per pack

Are Kool Cigarettes Stronger than Newports?

In terms of menthol intensity, Kool Green is often compared to Newport due to its strong menthol flavor and associated buzz. While both brands are known for their robust menthol profiles, the strength can be subjective and varies between individual preferences. However, Kool Green is generally recognized for its particularly intense menthol blast, which might be perceived as stronger by some smokers compared to Newports.

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Kool cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. It’s important to remember that smoking is harmful to your health, and the best choice for long-term health is to avoid smoking altogether.

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