Best Gifts for Beer Drinkers

Best Gifts For Beer Drinkers

Beer has a reputation as a “low-brow” brew. We say that’s old-fashioned thinking! The craft beer Renaissance that began years ago is showing Americans there’s more to beer than a 30-pack of domestic tin cans. Fabulous imports, fancy glassware, and experimental craft brews: we have something on our list for every kind of beer lover

Chimay Grand Reserve Ale

Celebrate Christmas with a beer made by real Christian monks at Scourmont Abbey in Belgium, one of only 14 breweries in the world that make real Trappist ale. The brewing tradition goes back to medieval times. Trappist ale is dark and deep in flavor– so perfect for winter. And, all proceeds go back to supporting the monastery and their good works.

Spiegelau Deluxe Craft Beer Tasting Kit – 4 pieces

With this set of glasses, your favorite pub crawler can recreate the experience of a beer tasting, at home. The four glasses suit an IPA, a Witbier, a Stout and a Barrel Aged brew. Made in Germany and dishwasher safe!

Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts

Every winter, Goose Island releases their limited edition Bourbon County Stouts, and the craft beer world goes nuts. Sold in an oversized bottle, these stouts are aged in real Kentucky Bourbon barrels, imparting their smoky oak flavor onto the beer. Snatch these up fast, because they don’t stay on shelves for long!

The Bruery 750ml bottles

Under wrapping paper these beers will look just like a wine bottle, but inside is the experimental forefront of craft brewing. The Bruery is blending old methods with new flavors to create beers that will make you say “how the **** did they do that?” They sell a huge variety of flavors and styles, so you’re sure to find something to suit the tastes of your beer lover.

Delirium – Tremens Belgian Strong Ale

Brewed by Huyghe, this Belgian creation is STRONG. Named for the shakes from alcohol withdrawal and decorated with hallucinatory pink elephants, this golden blonde ale can be intimidating to small-time beer drinkers, but a worthy challenge for beer lovers.

Get beer delivered on Saucey

You can get your beer gifts delivered to your address, or even have them sent directly to the recipient. Just enter the address you want the items delivered to, pick out which bottles you want, and our delivery team will bring the order to its destination. Even if you’re only buying one bottle of beer, we will never charge you a delivery fee.

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