Best Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers

Best Gifts For Whiskey Drinkers

We all know a whiskey guy or girl. When it’s margarita night, they want “whiskey, neat.” When everyone else is cracking beers, they’re sipping a “whiskey, neat.” At your wedding, when the guests all raised their champagne, you saw your friend raise up a “whiskey, neat.” These people are nothing if not loyal, but that’s why we love them! Our gift list for whiskey lovers has a variety of high-quality bottles from around the world ready to be savored:

Crown Royal XR

The real Queen of Canada (sorry HRM Lizzie), this whisky is an “extra rare” blend of whiskies, including one of the final batches from the LaSalle distillery in Montreal, original distillers of the first ever Crown Royal. The bottle is elegantly carved so it can serve as its own decanter.

Jameson 18 Year Limited Reserve

Whiskey is water for some Irish folk (literally, the word comes from the Gaelic uisce meaning “water”), and enjoying one of the nation’s top luxury exports is a point of pride to many in the diaspora. Jameson 18 Year Limited Reserve is a marriage of Irish and American styles: the whiskey is matured in oak casks from both Europe and America, then finished in bourbon barrels.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton’s deserves a lot of points just for flash: the cut glass bottle, topped with a brass Kentucky Derby thoroughbred and jockey, is cool enough to keep around for decoration even after it’s empty. But it’s not like the bourbon inside is just brown swill: this is single barrel bourbon, meaning what you get in the bottle all grew up together, maturing for 12 years in the same barrel, before graduating together into a well-spiced and smooth bourbon.

Suntory Hibiki Whisky

People used to consider the whisky market as a battle royale between various Gaelic varieties and their New World descendants, then Japan came out of left field with Suntory Hibiki. It’s the top whisky in Japan and holds its own internationally. Aged in Mizunara (Japanese oak) casks, Suntory Hibiki has a refined, lightly sweet flavor.

High West Midwinter Night’s Dram

Almost a hundred years after it’s heyday in the Roaring Twenties, rye whiskey is making a comeback. This special Christmas blend from High West, a small Utah distillery, takes their Rendezvous Rye blend, ages it in French oak and port barrels for extra depth of flavor. The final product is a whiskey with a touch of sugarplum and caramel flavor, that pairs well with Christmas cookies.

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