Best Gifts for Scotch Drinkers

Best Gifts For Scotch Drinkers

Scotch drinkers are similar to whiskey drinkers, but they come with velvet slippers and a smoking jacket. Just kidding, they’re regular folks who appreciate fine Scottish spirits. Liking Scotch isn’t a beverage preference so much as it is a lifestyle choice. The moment a person says, “I’m a Scotch person” they dedicate the rest of their lives to living a life of luxury and culture. The gift list below is full of high-end items that will surely impress the Scotch lover in your life:

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

This award-winning blend of Speyside and Highland whiskeys celebrates the 200th anniversary of Johnnie Walker. It’s luxurious and smooth on the palate, with the taste of vanilla and slow-smoldering embers.

Personalized Glass Decanter

Many people think putting Scotch in a glass decanter somehow opens it up or improves upon the Scotch, but that’s not true: it just looks cool AF. Get your Scotch lover a personalized glass decanter, so they can entertain future guests like the lord or lady of the manor.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

This baby boy in blue is the most high-end blended Scotch on the market. Swaddled in blue cloth, it comes in a beautiful gift case. Johnnie Walker calls their Blue Label “One in ten thousand” because it’s made from only the rarest and most exquisite Scottish whiskeys.

Chivas Regal 25 Year

First produced in 1909, the world’s first ever luxury Scotch whiskey still stands strong. The taste is rich and creamy, while smelling a little fruity and nutty. This year’s Chivas Regal 25 would have started maturing in 1995. Could be a great gift to any young 25-year-old Scotch lovers.

Haig Club Deluxe

Haig Club Deluxe is a single grain Scotch Whiskey that comes in a very distinctive bottle. We think it would actually be a shame to decant this spirit, when the square blue glass would look so nice on the mantle. Single grain is predicted to be “the next big thing” in the Scotch world: it means the mash isn’t made from the traditional malted barley, and that the Scotch is made in one distillery. If you need any more convincing, David Beckham is a partner and spokesperson for Haig.

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