Casamigos vs. Don Julio | Tequila Comparison

Casamigos or Don Julio? When comparing these two highly revered tequilas, each brand brings its unique characteristics and distinct flavors. In this blog, we’ll compare their Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo varieties.

Brand Overviews

Casamigos Tequila

Launched in 2013 by George Clooney and others, Casamigos has quickly become known for its smoothness and approachability. Its name, “House of Friends,” reflects the brand’s social and friendly image.

Learn more about Casamigos’ brand story here.

Production: Casamigos is crafted from 100% Blue Weber agave, with an extended fermentation process that lasts over 72 hours for roasting and 80 hours for fermentation, significantly longer than typical tequila production​​​​.

Don Julio Tequila

Founded by Don Julio González at age 17, Don Julio represents a dedication to quality and is often credited as the first luxury tequila brand. The brand has a rich history and emphasizes the health and character of the Blue Weber agave.

Production: Don Julio is known for its meticulous production methods, including the use of both repurposed bourbon barrels for aging and a unique filtering process for its Claro Añejo​​​​.

Blanco: Casamigos vs. Don Julio


Casamigos Blanco features a crisp, clean profile with hints of vanilla and sweet agave. It is unaged, maintaining the pure flavor of the agave​​.

Don Julio:

Known for its pure, unaged character, Don Julio Blanco offers vibrant and refreshing notes, capturing the essence of blue agave with a touch of citrus​​.

Reposado: Casamigos vs. Don Julio


Aged for seven months, Casamigos Reposado develops a smooth and balanced character with notes of caramel and cocoa​​.

Don Julio:

Typically, Don Julio Reposado is known for a balanced flavor profile that includes both the fresh agave flavors and the subtle influence of oak aging.

Añejo: Casamigos vs. Don Julio


Aged for 14 months, the Casamigos Añejo variant displays a rich complexity with prominent flavors of oak and vanilla​​.

Don Julio:

Aged for 18 months in repurposed barrels, Don Julio Añejo has a gentler impact from the wood, allowing more agave character to shine through. This results in a tequila that is smooth with a unique emphasis on the agave flavor​​.


While both Casamigos and Don Julio offer exceptional tequilas across their ranges, their distinct production methods and aging processes result in unique flavor profiles. Casamigos is known for its smooth, approachable style, while Don Julio’s focus on traditional methods and agave character make it a favorite for tequila connoisseurs. Your preference between the two may come down to whether you favor Casamigos’ extended fermentation and smoother profile or Don Julio’s traditional approach and agave-forward flavors.

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