E1 Bar Stool by ODESD2

Ukrainian designer Nikita Bukoros brings forth a modern approach to the bar stool through his multi-disciplined background. The E1 Bar Stool quilts together several art forms including: bonsai, calligraphy, tea drinking and weapon making. On the surface, the simple design of this extraordinarily well crafted stool hides the true craftsmanship and inspiration that went into designing and constructing the stool.

Made out of steel and oak, this stool was created in balance and cooperation with design bureau ODESD2, a company dedicated to working with individuals whose purpose is to devote themselves to their life’s work. To put the design of the stool into a bit more context, the acronym for ODESD breaks down as such:

Ordinatio – order and systematic

Despositio – location and basis

Eurythmia – proportion and composition

Symmetria – anthropomorphism

Decor – decor and the order systematic

Distributio – ways of using the object economically

Clearly, Nikita has aligned himself with the principles of ODESD2 in such a way that from conception to creation, the E1 stool is not just a piece of furniture, but an art form dedicated to the enjoyment of a drink.

ODESD2 Bar Stool 6

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