Five Reasons Why You’ve Got To Try Peroni

In a time where local and craft beers seem to have the market cornered, we’ve got five compelling reasons why you should give the Italian Stallion of the lager world a shot.

1. A Rich History

A good story won’t make a brew taste any better, but it does help sell beer. Hard working Italian man Francesco Peroni founded the self-named brewery in 1846. After less than twenty years Peroni became so popular that they were able to open a second brewery, ran by Francesco’s son. A couple generations later (1963), the family-brewery released a new beer, called Nastro Azzurro. It was marketed as a premium line meant to appeal to a consumer of more discerning tastes. It was this high-class brew that solidified their international success abroad.

2. Blue Ribbon Worthy

Nastro Azzurro, which means ‘blue ribbon’ in Italian, was named in honor of the Blue Ribbon winning Italian ocean-liner S.S. Rex. Peroni didn’t stop at naming their brand after a blue ribbon champion, they also sponsored one. Motorcycle driver Valentino Rossi, won the 1997 Grand Prix, proudly decked out in Peroni-wear. This brew knows their brand, and it’s award-winning.

3. Best Selling Brew

Although you may not have heard of it locally, Peroni is a best-selling brew overseas. It’s the most widely recognized beer in Italy, with wide reach throughout Europe. Nastro Azzurro tends to be Peroni’s more popular pint internationally, although true Italians prefer the original Peroni red-label.

4. Perfect Partner for Pizza

Although Italy is best known for being a part of the wine belt of Europe, they are also known for their mass-produced pale lagers. These lagers were originated with pizzerias in mind. Italian beer was literally designed to be enjoyed with pizza. American beer is delicious, but if you’re looking for a pint to pair with pizza, consult with an Italian OG like Peroni.

5. Success in the U.S.

After almost a century of success in Italy, Peroni made it’s way America. Although it may not be widely recognized in the United States yet, it’s definitely on it’s way. They’ve got distribution deals with major retailers like Target and Whole Foods, and a 4.5/5 rating on sites like Influenster. Peroni is on the rise in America. Better order a six pack now, so you can say you were drinking it before it got cool.

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