Great Gifts Under a Benjamin

Need a gift for your bourbon-loving brother-in-law’s birthday? Or maybe you’re looking for a classy Cabernet for a Christmas gift? Any alcohol enthusiast will appreciate the gift of a stiff drink. Whether their beverage of choice is rum, vodka, whiskey, or wine — we’ve got a great gift you can have delivered to their door for under $100.


There’s definitely no shortage of delicious, oaky, and smooth whiskeys aged to perfection for less than $100. But, picking the right Whiskey to send as a gift can be harder than you’d think. There’s a lot of different kinds to choose from. A whiskey lovers ideal gift could be anything from Kentucky Bourbon to Scotch. Check out our favorite whiskeys for any occasion.

This bold, gold, Kentucky Bourbon makes a great gift. Besides tasting so good it makes Angel’s envious, it also comes in a cool, corked, decanter. Any collector would love to have this bottle on their shelf, and any connoisseur will want to try it straight or on the rocks. The whiskey is finished in Port barrels, to give it a little extra edge. Smooth vanilla and roasted nut flavors make this a great Whiskey to sip and share.

Need a gift for a boss, business associate, or other straight-laced Scotch drinker? They’ll love Auchentoshan Three Wood. It’s a single malt Scotch Whiskey, with a fruity aroma and a twist of citrus. A good bottle of Scotch is a classic gift idea, so it can be tough to do without being obvious, boring, or traditional. This bottle is anything but boring, and is sure to be appreciated by any Scotch enthusiast.

This award-winning, straight rye Whiskey packs a mean punch. Bulleit Rye makes a perfect birthday gift for anyone who likes their whiskey like their lovers — spicy, full of character, and complex. Released in 2011, this bad*ss Rye continues to earn recognition as one of the top of the line. Its buttery smooth finish, with hints of tobacco and cherry, will please the palette of any whiskey lover.

Another single malt Scotch Whiskey that thinks outside the bottle. This whiskey is stored in casks that were previously home to sherry, so it’s full of unique flavors you won’t find in just any bottle of Scotch. Chances are good they won’t already have a bottle of this on the shelves, but they will from now on.

We have to wrap up our Whiskey gifts under $100 with a classic. Glenlivet is a top-shelf name in the world of Scotch. Most Whiskey or Scotch lovers have probably had Glenlivet before, but can you ever really have too much of a good thing? Glenlivet 18 is aged for a minimum of 18 years in oak barrels before it’s bottled, and you can tell. This creamy, oaky, beauty is old enough to make its own choices and it wants to go home with your friend.


Sure, you can drink $20 wine. You might even be able to find some pretty decent bottles on the cheap. But sometimes, you’ve got to splurge. Especially when you need to send a gift to a friend who has memorized the complete list of wines under $20. Surprise them with something special from the list below, they’ll thank you.

Nothing says birthday celebration like a big bottle of bubbly. Okay, maybe cake… but Champagne is definitely a close second. If you know someone who likes to pop bottles like it’s their birthday (even if it’s not), then this is the gift for them. G.H. Mumm is like an explosion of freshness in your mouth. It smells like fresh fruit and caramel. It’s definitely a gift worth celebrating. Good thing they’ll be prepared.

Let’s face it, wine is popular. It’s affordable, accessible, and comes in liters. With it’s high alcohol content, classy feel, and full flavors, it’s no wonder wine maintains it’s popularity. If you need a gift for a wine lover, that’s delicious, decadent, and unique, we suggest a bottle from Caymus Vineyards. They’re a family-owned vineyard in Napa Valley, so there’s nothing chain or mainstream about their bold Red blend or their Cabernet Sauvignon.

Need to send a gift to a more mellow wine lover? We suggest Cakebread Merlot. It’s got dark cherry, plum and blackcurrant flavor flowing through it. The tannins are on point, and the acidity is perfectly balanced. The fresh fruit finish on this flavorful Merlot really showcases the subtle cassis and oak undertones of this Napa Valley classic.


Need a birthday gift for a friend whose signature drink is a Rum and Coke? Or maybe a Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys a good Daiquiri, Mojito, or Hurricane? A high-quality bottle of Rum makes an amazing gift for anyone who enjoys a fruity, delicious, mixed drink like a classic like Rum and Coke. Versatile, bold, but perfect for blending, check out these high-end Rums for under $100.

Mount Gay XO has mass appeal. It’s award-winning, highly rated, and comes in a sleek corked decanter. It’s extra old, which means it’s had plenty of time to stew in its own delicious juices. It’s got a sweet toffee taste and a light fruitiness that makes it the perfect addition to any Daiquiri. Plus, it comes in at the low end of gifts under $100, at only $53.99.

Ron Zacapa 23 Year is the Christmas gift for any Rum lover. Everything you want from a relationship, in a rum. It’s sweet, smooth, and sensual. It might even convince you to take off your pants. That’s how smooth this rum is. Made with virgin sugar cane honey, this first-class Guatemalan Rum is begging to be mixed in your favorite cocktail. Send it home with your friends, and they’ll thank you for the hook-up.


Vodka makes a great gift, because it’s actually pretty multi-purpose. Most liquors have to wait until Happy Hour to make an appearance. Behold the beauty of brunch, Bloody Mary’s, and the vodkas that make it all possible. Imbibing with breakfast foods was meant to happen, so thank you Vodka. Whether they enjoy Blood Mary’s, Vodka Martinis, or just a sip on the rocks, send a gift to a vodka lover near you.

This uniquely crafted Vodka would make a great gift for any alcohol enthusiast with a bit of an edge. A big part of the appeal of this gift is in the packaging. It comes corked inside of a human skull… made of glass of course. This vodka is worth collecting just to have the bottle on your shelf. But, that’s not all it has to offer.

The distilled remains of peaches and creamed corn are blended with water and filtered through Herkimer diamonds three times. Crystal Head also contains no additives and is the brainchild of Dan Aykroyd. So whether they like busting ghosts or just dig a unique bottle of vodka, Crystal Head makes a great gift.

The classics don’t get there without good reason. Sometimes you just need a crisp, clean, and classic Vodka. When that’s the case, we suggest Belvedere. A premium import out of Poland, charcoal-distilled and blended with Artisinal well water, it never disappoints. Vodka lovers will know exactly what they’re getting, in a great way. Send a gift they’ll be sure to enjoy with Belvedere.


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