Interview with the Founders of MANCAN

The wine industry has changed rapidly over the last couple years with new packaging formats – moving from bottles, to boxes, to kegs, and now to cans! We interviewed the founders of MANCAN – Graham Veysey & Fisk Biggar – to find out more about how and why they are challenging the status quo of the wine world!

1. What inspired you to create MANCAN?

Graham had been rehabbing one of his old buildings and after finishing the day went to a local bar. He was craving wine and wondered why beer drinkers had it so easy for so long? That was the night that MANCAN was born. Graham teamed up with one of his closest pals, Fisk — who he’s known for over 25 years — and they launched MANCAN, the first exclusive wine-in-a-can company. They wanted to keep things simple and put awesome-wine-in-a-can. That is why they stuck with the staples and offer California blends that have universal drinkability which has brought home the gold medal at wine-tasting competitions.

Fisk Biggar and Graham Veysey, Founders of MANCAN

Fisk Biggar and Graham Veysey, Founders of MANCAN

2. Who did the design on the can? What’s the significance?

Each can has Gracey, Graham’ dog, and the MANCAN HQ on it. MANCAN operates out of an old firehouse that was originally built in 1854. A friend down the street did the illustrations and Marika — Graham’s wife — laid out the cans and helped create the brand. It is a team effort as we are really proud of our story and the high-quality of juice we put in each can.

MANCAN - Red, perfect for travel!

MANCAN – Red, perfect for travel!

3. Which one is your personal favorite?

It depends on the day of the week and the time of the year but Graham crushes the WHITE and the FIZZ more frequently and Fisk tackles the RED on a consistent basis. Each can is 1/2 a bottle of wine — two heavy pours. When do you just have one glass and what better way to avoid dishes than crushing it right from the can. We love throwing the RED in the fridge or on ice if you are taking it to go in a cooler.

4. Are you going to make a Brosé next?

Ha! We won’t call it that but we will promise a Rosé that has the same universal drinkability of our other three blends in time for summer 2018.


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