Kings Cup Rules: Easy Drinking Card Game

Kings Cup, also known as Ring of Fire, Jug Oval, and – for the dramatic – the Circle of Death, is a popular drinking card game that guarantees a good time. Here, we’ll provide a comprehensive breakdown of how to play Kings Cup, including the rules for each card. We will also explore some alternative rules to spice up your game.

How to Play Kings Cup:

1. Setup:

To play Kings Cup, all you need is a deck of cards, a table, an empty cup, and some drinks.

Gather your friends and arrange yourselves in a circle around a table and place the cards from the deck face down in front of you. Next, pace your empty cup, known as the “King’s Cup,” in the center.

From here, you’ll each take turns pulling a card from the pile and performing the rule assigned to the card.

2. Card Assignments:

While you can really assign any rule to any card, you can’t go wrong with this classic set of Kings Cup rules:


Everyone drinks! Take a sip from your beverage.


“You.” Choose someone from the group to take a drink.


“Me.” The player who drew the card drinks.


“Floor.” Get ready to touch the floor! Everyone must reach down and touch the ground. The last person to do so takes a sip.


Time to get creative. The person who drew the card can make a rule. They can add on a rule to a card, or make up something totally unrelated, like everyone must talk in a British accent or drink.


“Dicks.” All the men in the group drink.


“Heaven.” Reach for the skies! The last person to reach for the heavens has to drink.


“Mate.” The person who drew the card selects a mate. Whenever they drink, their chosen mate drinks too.


“Rhyme.” The player who draws the card says a word, and the other players must use rhyming words with it. Anybody who can’t rhyme with it takes a drink.


Categories. The cardplayer starts with a category, and the other players must list things in that category. Anybody who can’t list something relevant takes a drink.


Never have I ever. Play a quick game of never have I ever. Typically, the first person/people to go out drinks, but you can also play this where the last person standing drinks.


Question master. The cardplayer asks questions until somebody answers them. The person who answers them takes a drink, and the cardplayer no longer has to speak in questions.


When a king is drawn, the person who picked the card pours a portion of their drink into the King’s Cup placed in the center of the table. The person who draws the fourth king must drink the entire contents of the cup. Watch out for this one!


Alternative Rules:

If you’re looking to mix things up, try these alternative rules to add an extra twist to your Kings Cup game:

  • Introduce a time limit for each player to complete their rule.
  • Incorporate themed cards with custom rules that suit your gathering.
  • Create your own unique card assignments

Drink Responsibly:

While Kings Cup is a fun and exciting drinking game, it’s important to prioritize responsible drinking. Always be aware of your limits and those of your fellow players. Encourage moderation and ensure everyone is having a safe and enjoyable time. Remember, the game is meant to enhance the social experience, not to promote excessive or harmful drinking.

So gather your friends, shuffle the cards, and let the Kings Cup adventure begin! Cheers to a memorable evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and responsible fun.

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