What Are the Most Expensive Champagnes?

If you guessed 2.07 million dollars, you’d be right on the money. 

Are you looking for the most luxurious sparkling experience, or are you just going down a rabbit hole of looking into things that cost way too much money? Either way, you’ll get some answers here. While talking about the most expensive champagne in the world is fun, we’ll also get into the more reasonably (still expensive) priced bottles that are a bit more attainable. These champagnes offer an ultra-premium drinking experience that is delicious AND expensive – but why do they cost so much more than standard bubbly?

Champagne’s overall prestige

Champagne is widely known as a luxurious, expensive drink fit for special occasions, but why? What’s the big deal? Well, the most premium champagnes in the world have a lot higher production costs than most types of wine due to the time-consuming and labor-intensive production processes. This in itself contributes to the distinct quality and taste of champagne, making them desirable and, therefore, expensive. Many factors explain why champagne can get so expensive, from multi-step fermentation to intricate cork designs, to 24-karat gold on the bottle. It’s all that goes into it.

TLDR; you’re getting a completely unique product that people put a lot of care and precision into. 


The 2.07 million dollar bottle

The 2013 Taste of Diamonds by the House of Armand de Brignac is not just a delicious bubbly delight, but it’s literally 2.07 million dollars. It’s currently dubbed the most expensive champagne in the world, making tidal waves throughout the luxury industry. This bottle warrants its expansive cost mostly due to its incredibly minimal production. On top of that, the actual bottle is designed with an 18-karat white gold finish, 6,100 round white diamonds, and 1,100 princess-cut blue sapphires. If you’re looking for a VIP experience and happen to have millions of dollars to spend on a beverage- this is your guy. 

Why is champagne expensive?

The truth is, luxury champagnes are so expensive because of the unmatched level of sophistication they bring to the table. Each has its own perfect fermentation process and premium ingredients that ensure a high-quality taste. One thing is for sure; you won’t get the same taste with a regular alcoholic drink. Add in the hand-crafted elements, like a decorative bottle or a limited run, and there’s no arguing that these live up to their cost. 

What’s on shelves today?

Now for the ordinary people’s luxury champagne, there are quite a few options on shelves that don’t require a bank heist to get your hands on. Many champagne lovers looking for the best of the best will turn to these, which are the most expensive champagnes for a reasonable price.

Dom Perignon – $166.56

Known for its exceptional quality and luxury, Dom Perignon uses only the finest grapes from Grand Cru vineyards. Each bottle undergoes a long aging process, resulting in a complex and full-bodied taste. The champagne is rich, bold, and balanced, making it the perfect celebratory drink for special occasions.


Brignac Brut Gold Ace – $3004.99

A blend of chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes, Brignac Brut Gold Ace is aged for at least four years in the bottle before release. The champagne has a complex flavor profile, with white flowers, citrus fruits, and brioche notes. And, of course, the distinctive gold bottle and packaging add to its luxurious appeal.


Veuve Clicquot – $112.99

Another high-quality champagne that blends Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier grapes, Veuve Clicquot Vintage Brut is aged for at least three years in the bottle to achieve its unique depth of flavor. It has a golden hue with white fruit and pastry aromas, and it’s perfect for special occasions or as a gift for champagne enthusiasts.


After all this talk about the most expensive champagnes on the market, it’s important to remember that life (and bubbly) can still be enjoyed even without these luxury bottles. Understanding why some champagnes are so ridiculously expensive will give you a better appreciation for them. If nothing else, you’ll have a fun fact to share with your friend the next time you two meet up for drinks. 

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