2022: The Year of Mindful Drinking

Ah, the New Year – the time when we test out a new lifestyle. And the top New Year’s resolution? Pledging to eat healthier or adopting a new diet plan. Don’t panic; there are many ways to enjoy the spirits you love without compromising your New Year’s resolution. 

Below are a few of our favorites:

If you’re dairy-free…

You don’t actually have to give up Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. Baileys introduced Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur. Imagine a classic Baileys, but with real almond milk…and no embarrassing gas after. Just mix with black coffee and serve hot or iced for a delicious, dairy-free beverage.


If you’re zero-sugar…

 If you crave the taste of flavored vodka, but without the sugar, try Smirnoff’s Zero Sugar Infusions or Ketel One Botanicals. Available in a variety of fruity and botanical flavors, they taste great mixed with soda water and citrus wedges.

ketelonebotanicals_peachandorange_mindfuldrinkingin2022If You’re Cutting Back on Calories…

You’re in luck. Johnny Walker Scotch Whisky, Ciroc Vodka (unflavored), Don Julio Blanco, and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum are all under 100 calories per single serving (1.5 fl oz). Just like how they add sugar, mixers can add calories to a drink. Cocktails made with soda water and some citrus slices or a splash of citrus juice can help cut the calorie count down. 


If you gave up alcohol…

Enter Seedlip, a new line of non-alcoholic, botanical-based distilled spirits. With a taste reminiscent of gin, Seedlip comes in three flavors: Garden 108 (herbal), Grove 42 (citrus), and Spice 94 (aromatic). Seedlip can replace just about any liquor in any cocktail to create a “mocktail” For a simple drink, try mixing the Grove 42 with ginger ale and serve in a highball glass.

seedlip_trio_photo from seedlip.com_mindfuldrinkingin2022

Let’s raise our glasses, whatever may be in them, and toast: to a new year, a new you, and new drinks! Happy New Year, Saucey community.

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