Raspberry Margarita Recipe

The Raspberry Margarita is a vibrant and alluring take on the classic margarita. This cocktail blends the tartness of fresh raspberries with the depth of reposado tequila (or blanco, if preferred), enhanced by the luxurious flavor of Chambord and the sharpness of fresh lime juice. The result is a drink that’s both visually appealing and bursting with flavor – a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and a touch of sophistication. The muddled raspberries infuse the drink with a fresh, fruity essence, making this Raspberry Margarita a delightful choice for any occasion.

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Raspberry Margarita

A beautiful and delicious variation of the classic margarita. It's sweet. It's striking. It's the raspberry margarita.

Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Keyword Margarita
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 250 kcal


  • 2 parts reposado tequila or blanco
  • 1 part fresh raspberries
  • 1 part simple syrup
  • .5 part Chambord
  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • ice
  • salt for rim
  • lime wedges


  1. Optional salt rim: Rim the edge of your margarita glass with a lime slice, then dip it into a plate of salt.

  2. In the shaker, combine a handful of fresh raspberries and a dash of simple syrup. Muddle them until the raspberries are pulverized.

  3. Pour in tequila, Chambord, and lime juice over the muddled raspberries.

  4. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well until the mixture is thoroughly chilled.

  5. Strain into the prepared glass.

  6. Garnish with a few raspberries and/or a lime wedge.

Nutrition Facts
Raspberry Margarita
Amount Per Serving
Calories 250
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Can you make a raspberry margarita with vodka?

Yes, substituting tequila with vodka is an option. This will give you a different flavor profile, with the raspberries and Chambord remaining the dominant flavors.

How many calories are in a raspberry margarita?

The calorie count in a raspberry margarita can vary, but it’s typically around 200-300 calories per serving, depending on the amounts of simple syrup and Chambord used.

Can you make a raspberry margarita without alcohol?

Absolutely! For a non-alcoholic version, replace the tequila with non-alcoholic tequila or soda water, and use a raspberry-flavored syrup or non-alcoholic Chambord alternative.

Tips for making raspberry margaritas in large batches

For large gatherings, muddle raspberries and simple syrup in a large pitcher. Add the tequila, Chambord, and lime juice, maintaining the same ratios. Stir well, chill until serving, and add ice to individual glasses rather than the pitcher to avoid dilution.

Bartender’s Note:

The Raspberry Margarita is a delightful mix of fruity and tangy flavors. Using fresh raspberries and good quality reposado tequila enhances the overall taste and experience of the drink. The addition of Chambord adds a touch of luxury, making this cocktail perfect for special occasions or as a refreshing summer treat. Remember, the key to a great Raspberry Margarita is in the balance of sweet, sour, and the unique raspberry flavor.

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