RAW Rolling Papers: Product Guide

RAW stands out in the smoking industry for its commitment to all-natural, unprocessed rolling papers. Their products, favored for authenticity and eco-consciousness, are made from natural fibers without any added chemicals or dyes, ensuring a pure smoking experience.

RAW Product Types & Variations


RAW’s Classic papers are the cornerstone of their range, offering an authentic rolling experience with natural, unbleached papers.

  • Original: The standard bearer of RAW’s natural approach.
  • Black: A thinner version of the Classic, allowing for a smoother, more subtle smoking experience.
  • Hemp: Made from organic hemp, these papers provide a clean, light smoke.


Pre-rolled for ease and convenience, these cone-shaped papers simplify the process of rolling. They come with a tool to assist in packing tobacco or cannabis evenly.

  • Original: The standard pre-rolled option, balancing convenience with RAW’s natural quality.
  • King Size: Offering more space for those who prefer a larger roll.
  • Hemp: Combining the ease of pre-rolled cones with the organic quality of hemp.
  • Emperador: An extra-large option for extended sessions.


Designed for those who prefer a longer, more slender roll, Slim papers provide a sleek smoking experience.

  • Original: The classic Slim RAW paper, balancing thinness with strength.
  • Black: Ultra-thin papers for an almost transparent roll.
  • King Size: A longer version of the Slim, for an extended smoke.


Wider than standard papers, these offer more area for easier rolling and a fuller smoke.

  • Original: The standard Wide paper, providing more space for rolling.
  • Perforated Wide Tip: Featuring perforated tips for easier rolling and a smoother draw.


Are RAW Black papers harder to roll?

Due to their thinness, some users find RAW Black papers more challenging to roll compared to the Classic RAW papers.

Are RAW Cones more expensive than other rolling papers?

RAW Cones can be more expensive, attributed to their convenience and ease of use compared to normal rolling papers.

Do RAW papers come with filters?

Some RAW products include filters, but many do not. RAW also offers filter tips separately. Always check the packaging to confirm.

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RAW Rolling Papers cater to a variety of preferences, whether you seek the simplicity of Classic papers or the convenience of Cones. Each type offers a unique aspect of RAW’s commitment to natural, unrefined smoking products. Be sure to choose the one that aligns with your smoking style and needs.

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