Gifts for Spirit Lovers

Whether it’s Christmas around the corner or a birthday is looming, it seems like you’re always in need of a good gift. A great method for gift-giving is to take what you know about someone and personalize it. Do they love Margarita’s and Taco Tuesday’s? Try some rainbow salt for rimming, combined with a killer bottle of Tequila. Are they the puzzle-loving type who forced you all to do that Escape Room last month? Get them back with a locked bottle of liquor, that only you know how to free!

Check out these ideas for all the alcohol lovers in your life, perfectly paired with an appropriate alcohol. You can always skip the frills and just send the good stuff too. We’ve got free delivery and a gift-wrap/personalized note option so you can send them what any spirit lover really wants… More liquor.

Don't Break the Liquor

This gift has the potential to be the highlight of the night. Especially if the recipient has already had a few drinks before you get to opening the gifts. First, you need to get a nice bottle of alcohol, one they’ll really want to try. Then, you place this crazy contraption on the bottle. A lock puzzle made of wood and metal that prevents the recipient from opening their bottle without an epic battle. Results may vary, but the more they’ve had to drink before they try to figure it out, the better. The objective is, of course, to not break the bottle in the process of getting it open. This game makes a great icebreaker for a housewarming party, a fun twist on a traditional birthday, or a devious gift for a co-worker’s Christmas. No matter what, if you’re making them work that hard, you better get them a darn good bottle of liquor! Here are a couple suggestions.

Craft Vodka

Long gone are the days of mass produced, large batch, generic Vodkas. Small batch, handcrafted vodka is becoming the new normal in the industry. I’ve got to admit, I’m a fan. If you’re tired of Tito’s, then we suggest trying a bottle of Reyka. It’s imported from Iceland, made in small batches using cool Arctic spring waters, and filtered through lava rocks. It’s crisp, clean, and will probably need to be served on the rocks once the recipient figures out how to open it.


This is exactly the kind of puzzle a Gin lover would enjoy. If you really want to entice them into playing your game, get them a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry Gin. It’s complex, aromatic, and smooth enough for a Martini while being rich and balanced enough for a traditional Gin and Tonic. Hopefully, they’ve had a few drinks before they attempt to free their bottle. Get ready YouTube.

Tequila With a Twist

We found the perfect gift for the tequila lover in your life. Put a new spin on the old classic of salt, tequila, lime with these Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. They’re made entirely of 100% pure Himalayan Salt, and were even featured in “O” Magazine. Eliminate that salt shaker, and go straight to the source. Pour your tequila directly into a shot glass made of salt. Just pour and enjoy with a slice of lime. Shot glasses this fine deserve some truly tasty Tequila. Here are some suggestions that are sure to satisfy.

Don Julio is a well-established name in the Tequila game. Their 1942 line is a Tequila lover’s dream. With a creamy caramel and chocolate base, warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave, this exquisite Anejo Tequila is the perfect gift for weddings, promotions, and closing business deals like a boss. Best served neat, at room temperature, and with a well-deserved sense of superiority.

The tequila looks as exquisite as it sounds. It’s a sleek silver tequila that’s been triple-distilled, and oak-rested to ensure the smoothest, full-bodied flavor. It’s fresh agave, citrus, and fruit flavors will be beautifully complemented by the Salt Shot Glasses from the Himalayan Mountains. Sounds like a match made in heaven. The corked crystal decanter the tequila comes in is hand numbered, making it as collectible as it is delicious.

Get Them Whiskey Stoned

To really appreciate the complexities of a good whiskey, any alcohol lover will tell you, you’ve got to try it neat or on the rocks. Well, now you can take the latter literally. If you’ve got a whiskey lover in your life, get them some Whiskey Stones. Not only do they look cool, they’re also way better than ice cubes. Ice cubes will melt and water down the flavor of your favorite Whiskey. So to preserve the flavors, many whiskey lovers will opt to order their drink neat. Give them the option to enjoy their favorite Whiskey with an icy edge, at no expense to flavor with some Whiskey Stones. No more watery Whiskey.

Here are a couple of Whiskeys any alcohol lover will enjoy and that make the perfect addition to a gift of Whiskey Stones.

Let’s start with the bottle. It’s undeniably cool. It’s both classic and modern, with a sleek bottle design adorned with a signature Stag’s head. Moving on inside the bottle. This single malt Scotch Whiskey is aged for 12 years in oak barrels and then transferred into unique sherry wood casks for three more years of aging. All that aging and barrel changing pays off in a mother-load of sweetened Scotch, begging to be enjoyed.

A staple in the Tennessee Whiskey scene, this isn’t your traditional Jack Daniels. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is made in “Sinatra Barrels” specially designed with deep carvings on the inside of the barrel. The idea is to expose the whiskey to even more toasty oak flavor. And boy, does it work. The Sinatra-soaking gives the whiskey an enjoyable smokey aroma, punctuated by a decadently smooth vanilla finish. Much like the singer, this Tennessee Whiskey is truly one of a kind.

Rainbow Margarita

Have a colorful friend that loves a good Margarita? Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or even an anniversary, they’ll appreciate a Rainbow Collection of Salts for rimming their glass. With this set, they get eight different colors of sea salt, specifically designed to adorn a Margarita glass. The spice company uses an all-natural blend of sea salt and vegetable-based food coloring. Making this a gluten-free and vegan-friendly gift for any occasion. Great for any alcohol enthusiast, even those with dietary restrictions.
Of course, the cornerstone to an amazing Margarita is the perfect tequila. We’ve got a couple of suggestions for some classics that’ll work in any cocktail.
It’s fun to festively adorn your glasses with rainbow salt, but inside the glass, you want a tequila that doesn’t play around. That’s why we’re suggesting Don Julio Blanco. First, using a clear tequila is a good idea to prevent any color tainting. We assume with the rainbow salt and all, they probably want a bright and vibrant drink. Not the classic brown of traditional tequila. This citrus and vanilla infused Tequila would be the perfect compliment to any Margarita, no matter how festive.
Some people believe that Patron sets the bar in the Tequila world. Hi, I’m some people. Seriously though, Patron is an old classic in the Tequila scene, and you can’t go wrong with a bottle from them. Patron Silver is handcrafted from blue Agave and lovingly distilled in small batches in Mexico. It’s a staple in any Margarita that definitely won’t disappoint.

Bloody Mary Made Easy

Need a gift for your brunch lovin’ buddy’s birthday? Any alcohol lover enjoys a good excuse to drink before noon, and there’s none better than the Bloody Mary. Get them everything they need to enjoy this classic brunch beverage from the comfort of their own home, beginning with the glass. With these custom Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses, they’ll never have to guess at a recipe again. Better yet, they’ll never have to Google it after they’ve already had a few and need to whip up another batch. Now that you’ve got them the glasses and a recipe, let us handle the Vodka.
I know we mentioned them in passing before, but Tito’s really is a solid choice when it comes to handcrafted, small batch, Vodka. It’s delicious, smooth, gluten-free, and has a flavor that will accentuate rather than overwhelm a Bloody Mary.
The classics don’t get there without good reason. Bloody Mary’s are so full of flavor, you really just need a crisp, clean, and classic Vodka to give it a little kick. We suggest Belvedere. A premium import out of Poland, charcoal-distilled and blended with Artisinal well water, it never disappoints. Vodka lovers will know exactly what they’re getting, in a great way.
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