Every Maverick Cigarette Type: A Guide

Maverick offers an appealing option for smokers who prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. Established in 1986, Maverick was originally branded as Harley Davidson cigarettes. Now, however, the brand focuses on providing a straightforward smoking experience, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers. Its products are designed to deliver a satisfying smoke at a more accessible price point, aligning with the brand’s commitment to affordability.

Exploring Maverick Cigarette Types

Maverick Red

Overview: The quintessential full-flavor choice.
Details: Maverick Red is tailored for smokers who enjoy a robust and traditional tobacco flavor. This variety stands out for its classic, no-frills tobacco experience, embodying the essence of what a full-flavor cigarette should be.
Cigarettes similar to Maverick Red: Similar to other full-flavor offerings like Marlboro Red.
Average Price: $10 – $12 per pack.

Maverick Gold

Overview: A lighter, smoother alternative.
Details: Maverick Gold offers a milder tobacco experience. It’s designed for smokers who seek a lighter and smoother flavor profile compared to the full-flavored Red variety, without sacrificing the overall quality and taste that Maverick is known for.
Cigarettes similar to Maverick Gold: Similar to other light cigarette options like Marlboro Gold.
Average Price: $10 – $12 per pack.

Maverick Menthol

Overview: Crisp and refreshing menthol taste.
Details: For those who prefer a mentholated smoking experience, Maverick Menthol provides a crisp, refreshing taste. It combines the brand’s standard tobacco quality with a cooling menthol flavor, ideal for smokers who enjoy a minty freshness in their cigarettes.
Cigarettes similar to Maverick Menthol: Comparable to other menthol varieties like Newport Menthol.
Average Price: $10 – $12 per pack.


Are Maverick cigarettes cheap?

Yes, Maverick cigarettes are among the country’s leading discount cigarettes.

How many cigarettes are in a pack of Maverick?

A pack of Maverick cigarettes typically contains 20 cigarettes. For more information on cigarette pack quantities, check out our blog.

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Remember, smoking is harmful to your health. The best choice for long-term well-being is to not smoke at all. Maverick cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical.

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