Zig-Zag Orange Vs. Zig-Zag White | Rolling Paper Comparison

If you’ve stepped foot into a gas station in the past decade, no doubt you’ve seen packs of colorful rolling papers with a bearded, hipster man on the front. Zig-Zag is a renowned brand in rolling papers, offering various types to cater to different smoker preferences. In this post, we breakdown the differences between their two most popular products, the orange and white packs, while giving a brief overview of some of their other options.

Zig-Zag Orange Pack

Size: 78 mm x 44mm .

Material: Made from unbleached natural flax plant fibers.

Burning Characteristics: Thicker, more durable, slower burning, but can produce denser smoke.

Packaging: 32 leaves per booklet.

Zig-Zag White Pack

Size: 70mm x 38mm.

Material: Natural flax plant fibers with 100% natural gum Arabic.

Burning Characteristics: Standard burning rate, potentially thinner than Orange papers.

Packaging: 32 leaves per booklet.

Zig-Zag Orange Pack vs. Zig-Zag White Pack

Size and Packaging:

  • Orange Papers: The Orange Zig-Zags are a slightly longer and wider option. They come in a booklet of 32 leaves​​.
  • White Papers: The White Zig-Zag papers are slightly smaller, measuring 70mm x 38mm. They also come in a booklet containing 32 leaves.

Material and Thickness:

  • Orange Papers: Made from unbleached natural flax plant fibers, they are thicker than many other options. This thickness makes them more durable and tear-resistant. However, this also means they burn quicker and can produce denser, harsher smoke compared to thinner papers​​.
  • White Papers: These are also made using natural flax plant fibers and feature 100% natural gum Arabic for sealing. The specific thickness isn’t referenced by Zig-Zag, but user discussions suggest they are thinner than the Orange papers​​.

Burning Characteristics:

  • Orange Papers: These papers are known for a slower burning rate, which is a preference for many smokers​​.
  • White Papers: There’s no specific mention of their burning characteristics, but the general consensus in user discussions is that they offer a standard burning rate.

User Preferences and Comments:

Users on forums like Grasscity or Reddit discuss various preferences, with some preferring the Orange Zig-Zags for their thickness and durability, while others opt for the White Zig-Zags or other brands for a thinner, smoother smoking experience.

Additional Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

There are several other colors available in the Zig-Zag catalog. Two of the most popular are Blue and Green.

  • Blue Pack (Ultra Thin): Ideal for those seeking an ultra-fine paper for a smoother, more transparent smoking experience.
  • Green Pack (Cut Corners): Designed for ease of rolling, especially beneficial for beginners or for a quicker rolling process.

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Each of these Zig-Zag packs offers a unique feature catering to different aspects of the rolling and smoking experience, whether it’s the thickness and burning rate of the paper or ease of rolling. The choice between them depends on individual preferences for the size, thickness, and convenience of use.

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