Black and Mild Guide | Flavors and Tips

Black and Mild is a popular brand known for its distinctive range of flavored cigars and cigarillos. These products are appreciated for their unique taste profiles and the option of choosing between wood and plastic tips. The brand offers a variety of flavors, each with its own character and appeal, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Tip Types: Wood vs. Plastic

The first decision to make when choosing a Black and Mild product is whether you want to go with a wood or plastic tip.

Wood Tip:


  • Natural flavor enhancement
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Traditional smoking experience


  • Slightly higher cost
  • Can be harder to find

Plastic Tip:


  • More uniform draw
  • Easier to handle and smoke
  • Generally more affordable


  • Some smokers find the flavor less authentic
  • Additional waste

Black and Mild Flavors


The original blend, offering the authentic Black and Mild flavor profile.


The classic tobacco flavor offers a straightforward, pure tobacco experience.


Wine-flavored cigars provide a unique, fruity twist, combining the richness of tobacco with the subtle notes of wine.


Jazz features a blend with hints of vanilla and hickory, known for its slow and steady burn, providing an elegant and subtly complex flavor.


The Casino variety boasts a richer and darker character, both in packaging and flavoring, with notes of dark chocolate cocoa and spice, making it an ideal choice for a dessert smoke.


Select is crafted from Virginia tobacco, known for its rich flavor and sweeter aroma, offering a refined smoking experience.


A sweeter version of the traditional tobacco flavor, perfect for those who enjoy a hint of sugariness in their smoke.


A creamy, smooth variant, adding a soft and indulgent dimension to the tobacco taste.

Get Black and Milds Delivered with Saucey

Black and Mild cigarillos provide a diverse range of flavors and the choice of tip types, catering to both traditionalists and those seeking innovative smoking experiences. Each flavor and tip type offers its own unique set of characteristics, ensuring that there’s something for every preference. 

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Black and Milds contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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