Every Lucky Strike Cigarette Type: A Guide

Lucky Strike is a brand steeped in history and iconic status, and it is one of the oldest cigarette brands still in the market today. Originating in 1871, it quickly became famous for its signature robust tobacco blends and distinctive packaging. The brand’s slogan, “It’s Toasted,” refers to its unique manufacturing process where the tobacco is toasted rather than sun-dried, giving it a richer, smoother flavor. Lucky Strike has maintained a strong presence in popular culture, being a symbol of the golden era of advertising and a favorite among many historical figures. Over the years, the brand has evolved, adapting to changing preferences while retaining its core identity.

Breaking Down Every Lucky Strike Cigarette Type

Lucky Strike Red

Overview: A full-bodied, traditional tobacco experience.
Details: Lucky Strike Red is synonymous with the brand’s heritage, offering a rich and robust flavor. This variety is for those who appreciate the classic, unadulterated taste of tobacco, representing the original essence of Lucky Strike.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Red: Comparable to other full-flavor offerings like Marlboro Red.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Gold

Overview: Smooth and milder flavor.
Details: Lucky Strike Gold provides a lighter alternative to the Red variety. It caters to smokers seeking a smoother, more mellow tobacco experience without losing the distinctive Lucky Strike taste.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Gold: Similar in profile to Marlboro Gold.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Filter

Overview: The modern twist on Lucky Strike’s classic cigarette type.
Details: Lucky Strike Filter brings a contemporary edge to the traditional Lucky Strike flavor. These cigarettes offer the same rich taste but with the added benefit of a filter, catering to modern preferences for a cleaner smoking experience.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Filter: Comparable to Pall Mall Filters.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Menthol

Overview: Refreshing menthol twist.
Details: Lucky Strike Menthol offers the classic flavor with a cool menthol note.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Menthol: Kool Green is a good reference point.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Menthol Silver

Overview: Lighter menthol experience.
Details: Menthol Silver provides a subtler menthol flavor, combining quality with a gentler taste.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Menthol Silver: Comparable to Marlboro Menthol Lights.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Activate Blue

Overview: Innovative flavor-changing experience.
Details: Lucky Strike Activate Blue features a menthol capsule in the filter, allowing smokers to switch to a menthol flavor with a simple squeeze. It’s a versatile choice for those who enjoy both traditional and mentholated cigarettes.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Activate Blue: Comparable to Marlboro NXT.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Lucky Strike Activate Green

Overview: Customizable menthol intensity.
Details: Similar to Activate Blue, Lucky Strike Activate Green also has a menthol capsule, but with a different menthol flavor profile, offering a more intense and refreshing minty taste upon activation.
Cigarettes similar to Lucky Strike Activate Green: Similar to Camel Crush Bold.
Average Price: $11 – $13 per pack.

Were Lucky Strike cigarettes discontinued?

Yes, various products in the Lucky Strike line have been discontinued over the years, including the full-flavored and light filtered varieties in late 2006. However, the brand continues to offer a range of other products.

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Remember, smoking is harmful to your health. The best choice for long-term well-being is to avoid smoking. Lucky Strike cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical.

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