Saucey Wants to Pay For Your Parking Ticket

Here at Saucey, one of our deepest-held beliefs is that pretty much everyone, no matter where you come from or what you believe in, loves (deserves) a good drink. It’s one of those rare, near-universal convictions that binds the American people together. 

You know what else binds us together, though? A universal hatred of parking tickets. Because they’re goddamn RUDE.


And so in celebration of Saucey recently launching in Washington D.C., we’re doubling down on our hatred of the pain parking tickets inflict on our fellow drink-lovers. Not only will we continue to eradicate your risk of getting parking tickets altogether by delivering drinks directly to your doorstep, but in the event that you do pick up one of those cursed under-the-windshield ransom notes courtesy of The Man, we want to cover it for you.

You read that right: Saucey wants to pay for your parking tickets. All we ask is that you take that $50 you would have been forced to fork over and spend it on something that makes you happy. Like alcohol delivery.

Here’s how it works

1. Create an account using our IOS or Android app, or through our website. You must be a new customer located in Washington D.C. to apply (please see coverage map below).

2. Use the same email you registered with to email us a picture of your citation and delivery address to [email protected].

3. Make sure the name on the ticket matches the one on your account. If the vehicle is registered under a different name, please also send in a picture of your license plate.

4. Wait for confirmation from our team. If this is during normal business hours (8am-12am PST), you should get a response within the hour.

5. Place an order with the total being more than or equivalent to the amount of your citation.

6. Once your order is complete, we’ll refund you for your order and send you a receipt. 

 7. Enjoy your Saucey order 🥂

Additional info

1. We are accepting 100 participants in this promotion. First-come, first-served.

2. If your ticket is more than $50, you can still participate. We will give you a refund of up to $50 off of your order.  

3. Response times for confirmation may vary, but we promise to respond with confirmation info within 24 hours.

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