Which States Allow Alcohol Delivery?

Which States Allow Alcohol Delivery?

We’ve become a country that likes to have things on-demand and delivered to us, meaning many companies have had to adjust and adapt to delivery services. From two day shipping with Amazon to having your food arrive in 45 minutes, you can pretty much have anything you want to be delivered with the push of a button.

Alcohol is no exception. 44 of the 50 states allow for delivery of alcohol, though the specific laws differ from state to state, affecting delivery services in various ways. Four states prohibit it and a few others with some serious restrictions and a few exceptions. 

Thankfully, in most states, there are not many laws controlling and restricting the delivery of alcohol. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many states and counties have loosened their restrictions on the sales, distribution, and delivery of alcohol in order to keep small businesses afloat. Read on to learn more about which states allow delivery and which states don’t.

What States Do Not Allow Alcohol Delivery?

The states that outright do not allow alcohol delivery with no exceptions are Alabama, Utah, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Delaware and Rhode Island do not allow for alcohol to be delivered, with some exceptions that make delivery possible. Below, find more information on each state’s policies. 

  • Alabama: There are no exceptions in the state of Alabama. The delivery of alcohol from any source is strictly prohibited. In certain cases, residents can make a special request for an order, but the request must be reviewed by the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board. 
  • Mississippi: There are no special cases or exceptions of any kind when it comes to the delivery of alcohol in Mississippi. Delivery is completely illegal from any source.
  • Utah: This state has the exact same rules regarding alcohol delivery as Mississippi. There are no exceptions whatsoever; delivery of alcohol is illegal. 
  • Kentucky: Some of the strictest laws regarding alcohol delivery are in Kentucky. There are many counties that are dry, meaning there can be no alcohol sold at all. Deliveries are prohibited both out of state and in the state. The one exception is that some wineries can acquire a permit that allows them to deliver wine to residents.  
  • Delaware: In this state, you cannot deliver alcohol, with one exception. If you purchase alcohol from a store or restaurant, they can ship it directly to your house. It can only be sent to the person who is buying the alcohol, and you must be a Delaware resident. 
  • Rhode Island: The rules for alcohol delivery are similar to those of Delaware. If you are a Rhode Island resident, you can purchase prepackaged alcohol from craft-alcohol businesses. These businesses are allowed to ship your purchase to your house.  

Are There Different Regulations For Each State?

As we mentioned earlier, 44 states allow the delivery of alcohol. Each state has slightly different rules and regulations in regards to delivery service and sales. While we won’t waste time by going through all 44, we will discuss ten states with varying rules to highlight their differences and similarities. 

  1. Alaska: Alaska is very relaxed with its delivery laws, but there are different regulations that vary by city and county. 
  2. Arizona: While this state is now also very relaxed, they weren’t always. Since 2017, they removed a rule which placed a limit on the number of bottles that distributors could send to consumers, which made things much easier.
  3. California: It comes as no surprise that the huge state of California has the largest market for alcohol delivery in the country. Even with in-state fulfillment, the laws are extremely relaxed. 
  4. Florida: Similarly to California, Florida also has very relaxed laws regarding delivery. They are also in the top five states for having one of the largest markets. 
  5. Minnesota: This state is a bit stricter with its delivery laws. They limit the number of permitted sales for alcohol with companies and distributors that can ship directly to residents. 
  6. Missouri: The laws in Missouri are complex and a bit strict. For example, they allow in-state shipments of alcohol but do not allow out of state distributors to ship alcohol to its residents. 
  7. Nevada: If you want a state that has very loose laws regarding alcohol delivery, Nevada is the state for you. Companies can ship a certain amount of alcohol without having a permit. 
  8. New Jersey: This state is focused on equality among small businesses and big distributors. The rules are different from other states because they allow small brands to ship directly to their customers but prevent big brands from doing the same.  
  9. North Carolina: This state does allow alcohol delivery, but they have two sets of rules. These rules are separated by on-site and off-site purchases. 
  10. Ohio: Here, the rules are somewhat similar to those of New Jersey. Ohio allows alcohol delivery, but not if you are a producer that makes more than 250,000 gallons of alcohol. 

It is interesting to see just how many differences there are when it comes to these states’ rules regarding the sale and delivery of alcohol. As you can see from the ten states we discussed, it really does depend on where you live. 

The other 30 or so states we didn’t mention all have laws that are relatively similar, with some differences or exceptions. Your best bet is to look up the specific alcohol delivery laws in your state (and even maybe your specific country) so that you know what you can or can’t do.

What Is The Best Alcohol Delivery Service?

When it comes to getting your alcohol delivered, Saucey is the best service out there. And if we don’t currently service your area, don’t fret: we will be available in more states in the near future. 

Alcohol Delivery Near You

Here’s a list of states & cities where Saucey currently delivers alcohol:

How to Get Same-Day Alcohol Delivery

We make alcohol delivery simple. All you have to do is go to our website or app and enter your location so you can see local pricing and delivery options. 

Then, pick what kind of alcohol you want to be delivered to you (and believe us, you have a lot of options). You add the product to your cart, add your delivery address and card information, and then you’ll be able to see how long the wait time is for your delivery. Deliveries are done in as few as 30 minutes with typical orders getting completed within 45.

You can also select a delivery time for later that is more convenient for you. The last step is to wait for your courier to arrive with your delivery. Show them a valid, legal ID. Once they scan and confirm you are over 21, you’ll be good to go! 


Most states in the US allow alcohol delivery. The states that don’t allow delivery at all are Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky, while Rhode Island and Delaware have some restrictions. All other states allow for alcohol delivery but may have some exceptions, rules, or regulations that are specific to that state.

Either way, here at Saucey, we sell every type of alcohol, from wine to bourbon, in 22 cities across the US. We also deliver tobacco products, snacks, and accessories like lighters. Basically, with Saucey, you know that you can always get what you need at a moment’s notice.

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