This Summer Doesn’t Have to Suck: Perfect Summer Beer & Live Music

Amidst all the shifting of summer trips and events that’s going on right now, we’ve figured out at least one shutdown-proof plan: Get Stella Artois Solstice Lager delivered straight to your doorstep. Just add a cool breeze, chirping crickets, and the faint smell of mosquito repellant wafting through the air, and you’ve got yourself an idyllic summer evening. 

Seriously, though: The new seasonal drop from the world’s favorite Belgian lager crew is fresh, pure goodness—a little bit of citrus zest, a little bit of sweet maltiness, a whole lot of refreshing crispness. Nothing quells a scorcher quite like an ice-cold Solstice Lager.

Oh, and are you ready for the cherry on top? Stella has partnered up with Sofar to capture live concerts from some of the hottest emerging artists in San Francisco and LA right now. Catch up on the concerts that have already gone down & check back with Sofar for future show announcements. 

Check out one of our recent faves from Los Angeles artist Austin Mills:

(But order yourself some Solstice Lager first, obviously.)

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