Your Favorite Super Bowl Party Foods and Beer Pairings

January is coming to an end, which means the Superbowl is almost upon us! Americans embrace our unofficial holiday every year by eating more on Superbowl Sunday than any other day (except Thanksgiving, we love us some turkey).

Of course, the Superbowl is about more than just athleticism. It’s about camaraderie, teamwork, really dope dips, and beer. Lots of beer. Our country typically consumes more than 50 million cases of beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

Our parents had it easy. Stop at the corner and grab a case of Budweiser and you’re set. But that’s not going to fly at a modern Super Bowl Party. You might get by with a case of PBR, if you’re doing it ironically and your friends are all bearded and wearing flannel.

If you really want to gear up for game day, we’ve got some great suggestions for craft, local, and mainstream brews that are sure to impress. No matter what your game-day indulgence is, we’ve got a beer to cheer you on.



If there were an MVP of Super Bowl parties, it would be hot wings. Americans typically tear through over a billion hot wings on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s over 160 million pounds of chicken. More than 300 times the combined weight of the players from all 32 NFL teams.

The Super Bowl brings wings in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a beautiful thing. But, it also makes beer pairing a little tricky. To make it simple, we suggest an IPA like Lagunita’s. You’re going to need a beer with a good offense and defense to tackle a bold buffalo wing. Lagunita’s has the classic bitter bite of an IPA, with a hoppy citrus defense. Perfect to cut through, while complimenting any hot sauce.



Nothing says game day like guac. Last year, football fans ate over 100 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday. Whether your sneaking spoonfuls at halftime or using it to smother your nachos, you’ll need something to wash it down. We suggest Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. As a Chicagoan, I’m probably a little biased when it comes to this brew (know your roots). But, there’s no debating this pale ale’s grassy and citrus notes that perfectly compliment a mouthful of guac.

Chili Con Carne


Chili is a great way to spice up any party. It’s also a cheap way to feed a lot of people, making it a great option for Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re hosting, consider a crockpot of chili and a buffet of topping options like cheese, bacon, sour cream, or avocado. Eat it with chips, guac, or all on its own, but be sure to pair it with a beer that can keep up. We suggest Prairie BOMB. It’s a Russian Imperial Stout that’s robust and full bodied. It’s exactly what you need to tackle a rib-sticker like Chili. Prairie BOMB is 13% ABV, so pace yourself. Probably best to keep your chili consumption in check too. Your guests will thank you.

Pigs in a Blanket


Game day tensions running high? Stuff you mouth with tiny weenies and sausages tackled by dough and baked or fried to perfection. It won’t help your team play any better, but it will make you feel a whole lot better.

You’ll need a professional beer to wash down that mouthful of fried dough. We suggest pairing with a German beer. With a rich heritage in both, they definitely know a thing or two about combining them. We suggest a German Pilsner like St. Pauli Girl for your Super Bowl sausage needs.

Hate awkward small-talk with people whose name you can’t remember? St. Pauli Girl is brewed from ice-age glacier water and made with spring barley and hops from the famed “Hallertau Hop Gardens”. Go forth, like a walking Snapple cap waiting to be read.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos


Everything is better wrapped in bacon and jalapenos are no exception. A sinful side that’s pure heaven for any heat seeker or bacon lover, bacon wrapped jalapenos are a favorite at my house. When it comes to pairing, no basic brew will do. I recommend Bell’s Oberon Ale. The spicy hops in Bell’s Oberon will compliment the jalapeno, while the mild fruity undertones will balance the heat from the pepper. Wrap it up in crispy bacon and you’ve got a match made in heaven.



Having a Superbowl party without pizza is basically a crime. As certainly as you’ll see poorly performed pop music at halftime, there will be pizza. Domino’s alone sells over 11 million slices on Super Bowl Sunday.

As a general rule, German Pilsners work well with pizza. We suggest Becks. It’s got a spicy bite of hops that cuts through the grease of pizza without overwhelming the flavors. Plus, the subtle graham cracker undertones of a classic German Pilsner that compliments a carb heavy pizza crust.

Burgers and Sliders


Ah, the cheeseburger. A juicy, greasy, cheesy ode to American food. Football fans typically consume over 14 billion cheeseburgers during the big game alone. Let’s hope that’s mostly sliders and mini-burgers. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of beer to wash away all that burger shame.

For a true American food classic like a cheeseburger, we suggest an American IPA like Racer 5. Brewed locally in California, it’s one of the most popular American IPA’s out there. It packs a punch at 7.5% ABV, so it’s perfect to drown your sorrows if your team is losing. Or to celebrate if they’re winning. Or for any reason, really – just saying.



No party is complete without a little something sweet. For a special occasion like the Superbowl, you’re going to want the champion of handheld desserts. We’re talking brownies, baby.

Pairing beer with sweets is tough, but we like a good challenge. Brownies or any kind of chocolate based dessert are my go-to. And when I go-to, I grab a Stone Coffee Milk Stout. Since coffee is frequently used as a complementary flavor to enhance chocolate in baked goods, it’s a logical choice. The sweetness of the beer compliments while the coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate.

Party Preparations


If you’re smart, you’ll order all of your beer and food online, and really embrace the good old fashion American gluttony. If you need me, I’ll be the guy covered in hot sauce, with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other (pants optional). May the best team win.

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