The Best Alcohol Trends This Year (So Far)

2021 has been a tumultuous year, almost as insane as 2020.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, we still have alcohol to help us unwind and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. As the alcoholic beverage market continues to evolve, tons of exciting new trends can give you an excuse to branch out and try new drinks.


This article will lay out some of the best alcohol trends this year and give you some suggestions for drinks that you may be interested in. Saucey has got you covered with fast delivery of whatever trend you want to try out—from whiskey lovers to hard seltzer extraordinaire, vodka drinkers, to cocktail enthusiasts.


Without further adieu, here is your comprehensive list of the best alcohol trends in 2021.

Let’s get started.


Canned wine has arrived

The Ready-To-Drink explosion has infiltrated the wine industry—and we’re not complaining about it.

Canned wine was the fourth-highest response in what alcoholic beverage retailers wanted to expand shelf space in 2019, and that has certainly taken hold.

Wine in a can is on the rise for several reasons.


  • Canned wine is lighter and more mobile than glass bottles and wine glasses.
  • Cans make for easier transport for outdoor activities like hiking.
  • Cans are allowed in places where glass is prohibited, such as parks, pools, and beaches.
  • Cans allow for single-serve consumption rather than a commitment to opening an entire bottle.

As concerts, sporting events, and other large venues begin to open, expect canned wine to be a staple. Millennials love it—and it turns out fermented grapes taste pretty good out of aluminum.


Tequila is on the come-up

Tequila has been trending significantly upwards since 2017, and 2021 is no exception.

Top-shelf tequila has been particularly in demand, with more and more enthusiasts reaching for the top shelf for special occasions.

With a greater willingness to branch out, consumers are becoming increasingly adventuresome in their tequila purchases.

The days of traditional white tequila from the well are on the decline. People are experimenting with reposados, añejos, and mezcals, discovering that the wide and wild world of tequila has a ton of great options to spice up any occasion.

So next time you’re looking to get the night going, consider a creative tequila or a pitcher of margaritas—and make sure you have some antacids on hand for less conditioned guests.


Low ABVs and non-alcoholics are cool too

With the health and fitness industry making consumers more aware of what goes into their bodies, low Alcohol-By-Volume (ABV) beverages and non-alcoholics have seen an uptick.

Lighter wines, sparkling seltzers, and low-calorie cocktails are all under the umbrella of this emerging trend.

Cutting down on calories, sugars, and alcohol percentages make for less intensive drinking sessions and is great for casual activities like recreation leagues and daytime consumption. (Not to mention—these drinks can save you from a gnarly hangover.)

Lighter beers and seltzers are a great offering for any occasion, making for a more inclusive and conscious way to drink.

We suspect that this trend is here to stay.


Rosé all day

Rosé wine continues to trend upwards as the go-to daytime (and night-time) beverage.

Rosé is seen by consumers as a classy beverage, without the heaviness of traditional red and white wines.

It seems that everything sparkling is on the rise. With the emergence of sparkling rosé and tons of other rosé offshoots, lovers of the pink drink have more options than ever before.

While some reports indicate that the market for rosé might be a little over-saturated, it’s clear that the most prominent, best-tasting versions of the beverage can expect to maintain an upward trend for years to come.


Hard drinking is the way to go

Drinking hard is a favorite method of consumption, and we’re not talking about binge drinking.

After the success of brands like White Claw, other “hard” beverages are following suit; and it’s not just hard seltzers to look out for.

Hard iced tea, hard kombucha, and hard cold brews are all trending in 2021.

With the market for hard beverages serving as one of the fastest emerging markets in the industry, expect more options than ever before.

Many experts predict that floral (lavender, elderflower, etc.) and spiced (cinnamon, ginger, etc.) versions of hard seltzers are expected to take hold in this category going forward.


Watch out for cannabis-infusions

As acceptance surrounding cannabis-related products continue to grow across the United States and the globe, major manufacturers have ramped up experimentation with products like cannabis-infused beer.

While regulations surrounding recreational, adult-use marijuana products continue to differ across states, the market might not yet be large enough for major players to release cannabis-infused beer.

But make no mistake; it’s coming.

How quickly these beloved cannabis drink brands, like CANN, make their way onto national shelves is unpredictable. Still, it will probably have a lot to do with how many states vote to legalize the plant in the coming years.

Who wouldn’t want a little kick of THC or CBD infused into their beer? Make sure to be on the lookout for this trend, especially if you live in a state where marijuana is legal.


Craft beers and ciders maintain momentum

Craft beers from local breweries have continued their dominance in 2021, especially due to the emerging popularity of sours, stouts, and others conducive to the modern palate.

Growing demand for ciders is also prevalent in 2021, according to the global trend for gluten-free products.

Consumer preference for high-quality, fruit-flavored products has catapulted fruit-flavored ciders to represent a third of all cider sales.

Especially in the autumn and colder months, ciders and craft beers can satisfy cravings for fall adventures, game days, and the ski slopes.


Bring on the flavored gin

It is already gaining massive popularity in England. Much like flavored vodkas, flavored gins are making their way into liquor stores worldwide.

While flavored gin has traditionally taken a back seat to other flavored spirits like vodka, the market appears to demand otherwise.

Citrus, sour, and floral flavors are expected to headline the emergence of flavored gins in the United States by many other trends mentioned in this article.

Flavored martinis? Sign us up. Gin is about to make a massive splash in the States, and it’s going to be flavored.


What trend will you hop on in 2021?

With the emergence of so many awesome alcohol trends in 2021, we’re sure that you can find the trend that best fits your palate and taste preferences.

And with Saucey, you don’t even have to leave your home to try out all of these amazing trends at your home or wherever you’d like to experiment.

Saucey makes the whole liquor store available at your disposal. Fan favorites, seasonal booze, and local picks are available to you at the drop of a pin; all you have to do is wait thirty minutes or less for us to show up.

It’s time to let the good times roll and order your favorite trend through Saucey’s easy-to-use alcohol delivery service.

Once you’ve exhausted one trend, it’s on to the next. We’ll see you for Round 2.

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