Trends: Beer vs. Wine Popularity by State

Welcome to our spirited tour across the USA, where the rivers might not flow with beer and the mountains aren’t made of wine corks, but the search is always on for the next great sip! We’ve mapped out the country’s thirstiest trends, using Google’s treasure trove of data to see whether Americans are googling for hops or yearning for grapes.

We’ve tracked the past 12 months (from March 2023 to March 2024) to see what’s been tickling the nation’s fancy by peeping at per-state Wine vs Beer statistics (example: Google Search Trends). What a bubbly, full-bodied story the data tells! From coast to coast, it seems our palates are as diverse as our landscapes, but don’t worry, no taste bud is left behind on this tour.

Grab a glass or a frosty mug as we pour through the statistics, spilling the beans on what’s brewing and fermenting in the American collective barrel. Whether you’re a casual sipper or a certified connoisseur, you’re in for a treat that’s better than happy hour on a Friday!

The Beer Belt: Frothy Finds in America’s Heartland

Strap on your hops goggles, we’re venturing into the amber waves of grain and, well, amber waves of beer that swath the great American landscape we like to call the Beer Belt (in this article, anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually say beer belt without referencing a belt full of beers on their waist). It’s the frothy heart where barley and brew reign supreme, and the Google searches for beer overflow like a well-poured pint.

But there are some coastal quirks! New Mexico, Alabama, and those northern sippers in NH and Maine buck the grape train and throw their searches behind beer. Could it be the laid-back lifestyles or just a hearty hankering for hops? And as for California, even though it’s swimming in vineyards, folks there are still Googling ‘beer’ more than ‘wine’. Maybe in the Craft Beer Capital, they’re just too busy hop-scotching from one brewery to the next to bother searching!

So why does the in-land crowd lean towards lagers and ales? Could be the local legacy of brewing, or maybe after a long day, nothing beats the simple joy of cracking open a cold one. But one thing’s for sure, from the land where corn is king, beer is the court jester, keeping things bubbly and bright in America’s heartland.

Wine Waves: Coastal Cravings for a Glass of Vino

Take a coastal cruise with me. From the sunny vine-draped hills of California to the metropolises of the Eastern seaboard, where the clicks for Chardonnay are as common as seashells on the shore. Yes, our Google trends map is riding a high tide of wine searches, proving that when it comes to coastal states, wine is more than just a beverage—it’s a way of life.

California, the Dionysus of American states, is not only a heavyweight in the world of wines, crafting a whopping 90% of US wine according to usawineratings, but it also doesn’t shy away from a frothy brew. Despite being soaked in vineyards, the Golden State also stands tall in beer production as confirmed by worldpopulationreview, giving California the best of both barrels. It’s like a perpetual state of happy hour where the taps and corks never stop popping.

Is it the kiss of the Pacific breeze or the call of the sophisticated sip that has coastal dwellers swiping for Sauvignon? Whatever it is, one thing’s certain: in California, they pour their love for libations into every glass, be it a silky Pinot or a citrusy IPA. Let’s raise our glasses to the states where the vines meet the waves, and the beer froth meets the foam.

Social Sipping: How Social Media Influences Drink Choices

On a more serious note, it’s worth considering: How does digital display (Such as google search, but also Social Media) influence our real-world sipping habits?

Studies are beginning to pour out answers. Research led by Gedefaw Diress Alen and colleagues indicates that alcohol-related content on social media is not only prevalent but mostly portrayed in a positive light, with 28-99% of participants in various studies having posted about alcohol. This constant stream of boozy posts is not just for show; it’s linked to actual alcohol use. What’s more, changes in social media habits, especially increased usage, have been associated with more frequent alcohol consumption among youths, as highlighted by Linda Ng Fat and her research team.

It could be said that we are part of a new age where social media is a bartender. Every post has the potential to raise our glass or our gaze. Cheers to being mindful of the digital pour!

Conclusion and Toast: A Future of Diverse Drinks

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