The Ultimate Inauguration Drinking Game

You’re going to need a few drinks today… and we are here to help.

Well folks, the time is finally upon us. The Inauguration of our 45th Commander in Chief will be an interesting one, to say the very least, and why not make it even better with a good ol’ fashioned drinking game.

We’ve got Champagne aplenty, brews for you working class folks, and “bigly” bottles of tequila to soften the wall built around your heart.

The Schedule of Events:

9:30AM – 11:30AM Musical Guest Performances

What You’ll Need: Saucey’s Mimosa Kit

We’re aware this shindig gets started in the early AM, so what better way to witness the swearing in of our spray tanned leader than with some OJ and bubbles?

11:30 – 12:30 Inaugural Swearing In Ceremony

What You’ll Need: 30 pack of Budweiser

Ice down some of America’s favorite beer for power hour.

3PM – 7PM Inaugural Parade and Ball

What You’ll Need: Cazadores Reposado + Limes

In addition to the rest of your power hour beer, you’ll need something a little stronger for the highlights of the festivities.


The Donald Trump Inauguration Drinking Game

Take a sip of whatever is in your hand every time:

1. A news pundit mentions Mr. Trump’s dismal approval ratings
2. “Russia”
3. Every time a Trump child appears on screen. (Drink twice for Barron Trump)
4. Melania musters a fake smile
5. Joe Biden looks disgruntled
6. “Putin”
7. Donald Trump sends a tweet during the events
8. Someone mentions Meryl Streep, drink twice if it’s Mr. Trump himself.
10. “Huge”
11. Someone reminds the audience of how badly the Rockettes really don’t want to be there
12. Every time the camera pans over to the Obamas
13. “Business man”
14. Every time a pundit mentions Trump’s bankruptcies
15. “Liberal media”
16. The news coverage switches to the protests happening elsewhere
17. “China” (pronounced “Gyna”)
18. A performer or featured artist is announced and you have no idea who they are
19. A news pundit brings up controversial cabinet nominee
20. Mr. Trump name drops a celebrity, finish your drink if it’s Kanye West.
21. “Electoral College”
22. Every time someone mentions repealing Obamacare

Take a shot of tequila:

1. Every time the Mexican border wall is mentioned
2. If Mr. Trump threatens to prosecute and jail Hillary Clinton.
3. If someone brings up Mr. Trump’s tiny hands
4. If Kanye West is actually there


Not sure what to order? We got you! Here is a short list of some of the more popular spirits that our customers love!


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