What is a IPA

What is an IPA

Understanding this particular type of beer

IPA. You see it at the store, or at the restaurant or bar, and think ‘mmm that sounds good, I’ll get that.” It comes, you drink it; and it’s good. And even if you ever wondered, ‘what is an IPA,’ you still enjoyed your beer, right? I hope so!

But do you know what it is? Lots of people wonder, just what is an IPA? I know I used to. And the funny thing is, I was drinking them long before I even know the answer to what is an IPA! So, for your continued benefit, let’s explore the answer to this question together!

What is an IPA?

Well, IPA is actually an acronym. It stands for ‘India Pale Lager.’ Now, while India didn’t necessarily invent this style of beer, it did play an important role in it’s creation and development. Long ago in 1793, there was a man named George Hodgson. He used to do a lot of exporting work, specifically exporting beers from London to India.

Later, the IPA was invented to be a more refreshing drink for the British troops stationed in India. These beers packed a lot of hops, which was said to keep them fresher. And years after that, the name ‘East India Pale Ale’ was finally used.

But anyways, I rambled on a bit there. What is an IPA? It’s any beer that’s an India Pale Ale.

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