Win $50 in Saucey Credits This Week!


You read the title right. This week (12/5-12/10), we’re throwing $50 in credits into 5 lucky winners’ accounts.

How Does This Work?

Winners will be chosen based on the following, each on a different day of the week

  • Customer number 250 – Tuesday
  • Customer number 100 – Wednesday
  • Customer number 50 – Thursday
  • Customer number 25 – Friday
  • Customer number 5 – Saturday

It’s sort of like those radio DJ contests where they’re looking for caller number 9. Only, instead of spinning Wonderwall, we’re delivering Tito’s and Marlboro Reds.

Credits will automatically be deposited into the winner’s Saucey account, along with a message from our customer support team notifying them they won.

What’ll you use your winnings on?

Let’s Get Saucey

Go to our website and enter your address to see what’s available in your area. From beer, wines, and spirits to cigarettes, vapes, and more, we’ll be at your door in as little as 30 minutes. And remember, every order this week has a chance to win.

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  • Tracy Thomas

    I love ordering

  • Eugenia Stanton

    This app is great no more going out to get liquor
    No drinking and driving…best app ever

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