Every Parliament Cigarette Type: A Guide

Parliament cigarettes are a hallmark of quality in the world of tobacco, known for their unique recessed filter and premium blend. This guide looks to make sense of all the different types of packs that Parliament offers, each designed to cater to different smokers’ preferences while upholding the brand’s reputation for excellence.

An Overview of Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament Blue

Overview: The quintessential choice for a full-flavored smoking experience.

Details: These cigarettes deliver a robust and rich tobacco taste, suited for those who favor a strong flavor profile.

Cigarettes like Parliament Blue Pack: Comparable to other leading full-flavor cigarettes, like Camel Filters or Marlboro Reds, but distinguished by Parliament’s unique recessed filter and blend.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

Parliament White

Overview: A milder, lighter alternative for smokers who prefer a smoother flavor.

Details: The White Pack offers a lighter smoking experience with lower nicotine and tar levels, while retaining the signature Parliament taste.

Cigarettes like Parliament White Pack: Similar to other light cigarette options, like Marlboro Golds.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

Parliament Silver

Overview: Ideal for those seeking the most subtle and light tobacco flavor.

Details: Offering the least nicotine content in Parliament’s range, these ultra-light cigarettes provide a very mild taste.

Cigarettes like Parliament Silver Pack: Camel Ultra Lights and Marlboro Silvers both provide similar experiences to this pack.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

Parliament Green (Menthol)

Overview: A refreshing blend of full-flavor tobacco and crisp menthol.

Details: This variant combines the intensity of a full-bodied tobacco with a cool menthol sensation, preferred by those who enjoy a mentholated smoke.

Cigarettes like Parliament Green Pack: Similar to other full-flavor menthol cigarettes, like Newport Originals.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack

Parliament Silver (Menthol)

Overview: The lightest menthol option available from Parliament.

Details: These cigarettes are perfect for smokers who prefer a subtle menthol flavor with minimal nicotine, but they’re also a bit harder to find.

Cigarettes like Parliament Silver Pack: Akin to other ultra-light menthol cigarettes, offering a mild and minty experience.

Average Price: $16-$18 per pack


Parliament’s range of cigarettes is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. From robust full flavors to smooth lights and refreshing menthols, Parliament provides a sophisticated smoking experience for various preferences.

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Parliament cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. We advise considering the health risks associated with smoking and opting for cessation for long-term health benefits.

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