10 Thanksgiving Cocktails To Help You Ignore Uncle Ray Chewing With His Mouth Open On FaceTime

 It’s that time again, friends. Which is just wild, considering the Fourth of July was just a couple days ago and Cinco de Mayo was last week and New Year’s Eve isn’t for another seven months. Time has been a real goof this year, huh?

Anyway. This year’s big feast is going to be different in a lot of ways, but we know at least one thing will always remain the same: Good drinks are very important!

They make food prep kinda fun. They make overcooked turkey kinda fun. They make football games you absolutely do not care about kinda fun. And they’ll make the fact that you’re entire family is trying to FaceTime and eat simultaneously kinda fun.

Some very fun drink ideas that translate perfectly into kinda-fun Thanksgiving activities:

The Turkey Day Warm Up

Say “Crisp Spritz” 7x Fast

Unconventional, Yet Effective

The Gobblerita

A Royal Pain In The Apple

Vodka Cran > Cranberry Sauce

2nd Wind For 2nd Helpings

Punch Up The Prep

The Highball & The Butterball

Rummy In The Tummy Punch

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