6 Reasons the Logan Square Farmers Market Trumps All

Chicago summer has its many gems, and the Logan Sqaure Farmers Market does more than its share of sweentening up our warm months. The market runs every Sunday from mid-May through October, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., and is well worth the trip across town.

From local artisans to Michigan farmers to awesome people watching, here are 6 reasons why the Logan Square Farmers Market trumps whatever else you had planned for this coming Sunday.

1. It brings the best Chicago treasures together in one place.

From Fat Rice’s “Mama’s Nuts” mix, to Rogers Park’s Coop Sauce to Pinch Spice Market, the Farmers Market has all the local accoutrements that’ll make your kitchen pop.

2. …And not to mention the freshest produce from small farms across the Midwest.

The Logan Square Farmers Market boasts vendors from all over Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. While they’re not all certified organic (though most are), they are all small growers from the Midwestern Foodshed. It’s delicious, fresh and affordable—what more could you want?

3. The people-watching—oh man, the people-watching.

Want to watch a bunch of toddlers who dress better than you taste different vegetables for the first time? You do? Great, come to the Farmers Market. It’s simply flooding with cute young families doing their grocery shopping.

4. Two words: Wisconsin Cheese.

If you honestly want to just grab “whatever cheese” from Mariano’s to snack on this week, be our guest. But something tells us you’d much rather nosh on some Wisconsin cheddar curds, wouldn’t you? Fresh cheese is driven down from Wisconsin farms to Logan Square every single Sunday morning. Come and get it.

5. It’s in Logan Square!

For those of you not lucky enough to live in Logan, the Farmers Market is a perfect excuse to visit one of Chicago’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Grab a croissant from the Farmers Market then loaf around the grass on Logan Boulevard—you’ll have the perfect summer morning.

6. It runs all year long.

While the market only stays outdoors until the end of October, it continues indoors throughout the winter. Head a few blocks over to 2755 N. Milwaukee Avenue for the same great foods November through April.

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